Santa Clause is in charge

With Democrats in control of the legislature it seems two things are the priority. Creating new entitlement programs and increasing taxes. Let’s review a few of the bills on the agenda in Olympia:
1) Free tampons and pads for community college students
Yes, you read that right. Probably won’t pass but the fact that it is even given time for consideration is a travesty. It only leads to more insane programs. What’s next free lip baum?
2) Financial aid for dreamers
It might be popular for Democrats to challenge the President on immigration issues but making Washington citizens pay for programs most of the country doesn’t support is questionable.
3) Financial aid for homeless students
Yes, the legislature is considering programs to provide housing, meal plans, clothing, laundry, even showers for homeless college students. So, kick your kids out and let the state take care of them!
4) Mandatory abortion coverage
Remember the Affordable Care Act? Yes, the one that was going to save us all $2,500 per year in insurance costs. Well it’s bankrupt and any insurance still available is too expensive for your average middle income family. So the state wants to require all insurance plans with maternity coverage to include abortions. Wonder how that is going to make it more affordable? And of course, if you have a religious objection to abortion you are still required to pay for it.
5) Tax increase on oil pipelines
There is an effort to increase the tax on transporting oil in the state including oil transported by pipelines. It’s a typical left wing spin that says the tax is on the oil producers but we all know they don’t pay it. You and I will ultimately pay for it in higher gas prices.
6) Carbon tax
Governor Inslee continues to insist on the need for his “Carbon Tax.” Carbon taxes have been pushed by environmentalists as a way make clean energy, like wind and solar, more competitive with traditional energy. Governor Inslee’s plan would immediately add ten cents to the state gas tax and it would go up every year by inflation plus 3.5 percent. And to get support from the major industries Inslee has carved out big segments like aviation fuel and utilities that are exempt – for now. With the Federal Government contemplating a 25 cent increase in gasoline tax this program will hit consumers hard and could have a big impact on our local tourism industry.
Revenue projections are now coming in significantly higher than previously estimated causing some legislators to call for a reduction in property tax bills. Those bills are skyrocketing as a result of increased funding for education required by the imperial judges on our “Supreme Court.”
Once again we see that Democrats have moved so far left that they must provide everything you need or think you need. They also are no longer concerned about how their tax and spend policies impact the “little guy.”
Compassion and concern for the American people has gone out the window. Apparently their only concern is increasing their power and influence – at any cost.
Olympia has us headed down the same track that has failed in DC. The problem is that the state doesn’t have the ability to operate state government with deficit spending. So as spending programs grow out of control, taxes will have to be raised. This will take more capital out of the private market and increase the cost of operations to private industry. The result is a growing number of Washington companies will be leaving the state for greener pastures.
Unless we as voters start to reject these insane legislators it won’t be long before our country is no longer the home of the free.

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