Apples to Apples: Russian roulette only for serious actors

This is a Christmas message for the naive among us.
The "game" of Russian roulette is not for the weak at heart. The game is a simple one, but odds are most players will not be receiving old age pensions.
A bullet is placed into the cylinder of the .38 caliber pistol, which is usually a five shot model. Then the cylinder is spun so that no one knows where the bullet actually is. The player puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.
They may blow their brains out or they may be firing with an empty chamber. That is the gist of the game - win or die.
Now we have two major world leaders, two men who could immediately push the world into unseen chaos, exchanging "love" letters in public by calling each other with congratulatory messages.
Trump loves Putin and Putin loves Trump. This is a bit more serious than "Joanie loves Chachi"-  a popular 1970s sitcom of two kids trying to make it through life. Now we have two big kids doing what they can to achieve victory for their own kind.
What we have here is not a failure to communicate, but the opposite, a successful long distance marriage of two super-powers.
Like any relationship, one argument, if allowed to go unchecked, can lead to divorce. I find it incredibly exciting for America and Russia to become allies again. It hasn't happened since World War Two, but with Trump in office, I believe the two nations can indeed fight terroristic threats together as well as search the world for energy and cooperate with the exploitation of same.
The two nations can also literally force treaties on many warring nations and demand that they behave. Places like Yemen, Iraq and parts of Africa come to mind.
Just for the fun of it - this love affair can become a ménage à trois (French for "household of three") if we add Chinese President Xi Jinping into the mix.
With China, Russia and America running the planet, surely peace will reign supreme.
As long as no one gets envious or jealous or vengeful or ... fill in the blank, the world will continue spinning on whatever axis is deemed agreeable.
The bullet is not shot into the head of the one holding the gun if they all get along. That has always been the cry of "peaceniks" through the millennia: Why can't we all just get along? Rodney King, the infamous fellow who was beaten by Los Angeles cops as their savage attack was being filmed and who settled for millions only to be found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool because of drug overdose, was not the only man on earth pining for less confrontation and more love.
So there is the answer to world peace my friends. That's right, you read it here in your community weekly. China, America and Russia equals true love forever - until it doesn't. Then all hell breaks loose and World War Three is a reality.
The only way I can see to prevent playing and ultimately losing a worldwide game of Russian Roulette is to never fake the friendships in the first place. Don't load the pistol with any bullets. Tell the truth to themselves and the world by declaring what the truth really is and we all know that the truth shall set us free.
That truth is we are already at war fighting for territories, energy, allies and wealth on a vast material level. The idea of love and peace never once entered the minds of Putin, Trump or Jinping.  
Russian roulette is not about love, but about being at war with one's self.
Stop the sweetness and light garbage about loving our neighbors (globally that is) and listen to President Trump on his "America first" content, while at the same time, don't think we can ever really be friends with the Russian Bear or the Chinese empire-in-waiting.
The Chinese are busy literally building islands in the ocean, manipulating currency and establishing a major foothold in Africa, while the Russians are grabbing territory and infiltrating every nation via cyber warfare wherever they think they can influence democratic processes to their benefit.
Merry Christmas everyone. A massive lump of coal, divided by three, is all the world deserves at this point in history. Can’t wait for 2018 to see when the next shoe drops.

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