Goats track team garners over 60 students

Front Row - Emiliee Barnes, Ashlyn Sanderson, Stacy Monje, Elle Collins (Manager), Molly Oswald, Talitha Zelaya, Lucy Bordner, Aislinn Davis, Marina Down, Rosa Lopez, Esme Vera 2nd Row (Kneeling) – Antonio Cazarez, Kevin Lyness, Tristen Miles, Ben Nygreen, Cameron Manda, Chris Schmidt, Mason Dowd, Christoper Knight, James Estrada, JJ Mercado 3rd Row – Mario Bravo, Mereck Palazzo, Donald Watson, Eric Rodriguez, Becca Ediger, Javier Torres, Laura Schoepflin, Fleur Brown, Kevin Cazarez, Alex Neri, Malin Kraus, Jacob Bekel, David Chavez, Hunter Lehmbecker, Javier Pastor (In front of Hunter in Blue), Cameron Deeds, Caden Bryant, Christian Torres, Johnny Ayala, Caspar Kornfeld, Kyle Jackson, Rolando Virrueta, Rueben Vazquez, Bert Mendivil, Sterling Gordon, On Shoulders – Dillon Dawson, Allie Barnes, Addy Ivory, Alex Nelson, Sam Hawley.


CHELAN - It seems that one of the most popular sports in high school is often track, and that is no different in Chelan as over 60 students showed up to show their athletic prowess. 

This year is much different from years past though as weather as confined the otherwise all-outdoor sport to the school gym as they prepare for their Jamboree on Thursday, March 16. 

“So far, we have been indoors for the first two weeks of practive, which makes it really tought to get any form of familiarity with the track and true running style on a track,” head coach Erik Romero said. “During this time last year, we only spent three days indoors before we got the chance to head outside. This does present a challenge but also allows us the opportunity to overcome this challenge.” 

Although the team is returning a lot of seniors, they are transitioning from more of a throwing style team to running. 

“Last year we had a great thrower in Jose Padilla, and he would almost guarantee us 20 points every time for big meets,” Romero stated. “With a lot of returning seniors, for both guys and girls, our points this year will be relied on from our runners as opposed to our throwers.”

Despite the change, coach Romero expects all of the athletes to have a good season this year. 


“I don’t like to settle for complacency, so I tell my athletes every year, as an assistant and now as the head coach, ‘we should be getting better everyday’,” coach Romero said. “It is hard to say though which individuals will be improving from last year as we have not been able to be on the track this year at all.” 

Aside from weather, the sheer number of kids that turned out good brings a challenge, although a good one to have, of who to compete in each event. 

“We have had the luxury of setting up our schedule to travel to some great facilities and get our younger kids the chance to compete in some big meets,” coach Romero said. “We look forward to a five team CTL league meet this year and I believe that our team will love and embrace the challenge and competition.”

Coach Romero is also marking the calendar for the state meet, which is at his Alma Mater, Eastern Washington University. 

“This year I feel that we have a number of good athletes that have the potential to compete at a Nike Sponsored Track Meet at Snohomish High School - which is on April 22 - called the Nike Eason Invite,” coach Romero stated. “All levels of school will compete at this event and we had the chance to take three of our athletes last year. Ultimately I believe this will be a good baseline for our athletes two weeks before we head into our CTL League Meet and Districts.” 

The track team will get things started - pending weather - on Thursday, March 16 in their Jamboree at Brewster. Their first meet is on Thursday, March 30 at 4 p.m. in Manson. 


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