Biased reporting

Once again we, the SmartMeter Awareness Group, are calling attention to the Mirror’s biased reporting regarding the March 13City Council Meeting.
This was not a PUD “Public Refresher Course”. The purpose was to petition the Council to seriously consider the factual harm and safety effects of Smartmeters with the optimism they would have the courage, like many cities in America, to enact a Smartmeter opt-out.
We were promised a round-table discussion, however, the PUD canceled it.
Now, why would the PUD be afraid to have an open discussion?
This is not the first time the Mirror has shown a partiality in favor of the PUD regarding this issue.  Why do you continue to downplay the public’s concern for the injury and danger Smartmeters impose and choose to spotlight the PUD?
Three-forths of the article covered only 1/4 of the proceedings--the 30-min presentation from the PUD.  Incidentally, we were instructed to limit our presentation to a mere 15 minutes.
What’s missing from the reporting are the 75 minutes of public input, such as:
Brandon and Nick, identified serious errors in PUD statistics.
Garrett, a Software Engineer, spoke at length on how easily one can hack this system.
Monte pointed out that customer’s utility bills worldwide have exponentially increased with this ‘solution technology’.
George spoke     to and demonstrated the discrepancies in the EMF levels published.
Lily, a millennial, asked the PUD how are they protecting her generation from harmful radiation?  PUD’s response skirted the question.
Is it too much to expect that our community Newspaper and City Council represent the citizens of Chelan?
Ultimately, our City Council ratified a resolution, abdicating their responsibility while within the decree it is stated that their top priority is to promote a safe, healthy and wholesome community.
Thus, on the one hand, declaring they are here for us and yet, on the other, they abandon any involvement of our community’s well being.
As this technology does indeed bring harm and danger to their citizens, the Council is not upholding what they have claimed, therefore leaving them responsible and liable.

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