Dear Chelan County voters

It has come to our attention that Judge Kristin Ferrera’s appointment for Chelan County Superior Court Judge and now her bid to be retained for that position, has been called into question by her opponent. Judge Ferrera’s opponent is implying that as an appointee of Governor Jay Inslee she must somehow be aligned with him politically. Judge Ferrera’s opponent is hoping that the concept of being appointed means alliance, and he is hoping that idea will gain traction in this county. Thinking those first two sentences can be shaped into one.

This concept is not accurate. Judge Ferrara’s appointment had nothing to do with her political viewpoint. We believe those kinds of comments have been made to mislead the voters into questioning Judge Ferrera s alliance with the Democratic party and Governor Inslee.

As an attorney and partner at Jeffers, Danielson, Sonn and Aylward for 10 years, Judge Ferrera has chosen to remain politically neutral. Kristin Ferrera has been a declared Independent for the 10 years of her legal practice.

Kristin Ferrera has numerous endorsers from both parties, who are working actively on her campaign. The judicial positions are all non-partisan by law, and it seems improper for any party endorsement.

When Judge Alicia Nakata announced her retirement from Chelan County Superior Court, Attorney Kristin Ferrera along with 11 other attorney’s in Chelan County made application for the Superior Court position being vacated. The application form for attorney’s interested in applying for the judgeship, is a six page general application addressing education, background, kinds of law practiced, etc. with no mention of political affiliation. Judge Ferrera’s application was reviewed and addressed by the local Bar Association. They made comment on each applicant, then passed it on to the Washington State Judicial Application Committee who also pared the list of applicants down to two applicants.

Both Judge Ferrara and her opponent had an interview with Governor Inslee.
It is our belief that our Superior Court Judge needs to be politically neutral and Judge Ferrara is that.

Judge Ferrara has said “the current, bi-partisan, political war at the higher levels of our Court System, is not taking place at the local level courts. The local Superior Courts, do not make law or change law. They merely apply the existing laws to the situation.”

Our families are supporting Kristin Ferrara’s candidacy for Chelan County Superior Court Judge. We have known Judge Ferrara as an attorney for our mother and our family for four years. We can absolutely speak to her integrity, ethics, legal skills and fairness.

Dave and Rosemary Pflugrath

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