Goehner, my vote going his way

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Keith Goehner does not wish to set your child’s broken arm for free.

However, having worked with him for 8 years on the moderate hazardous waste group, he does have a sharp vision of what is affordable, can be done, and the knowledge to get the job done with the consent of his colleagues.

Sixteen years working for you, learning government, making connections here, Olympia, and Washington D.C. he has the associations and firepower to represent our needs. Economic development, infrastructure, housing, water, tourism, agriculture, and education to name a few.

Conservative spending, smart spending are a keystone of his vision. Nothing in Olympia is done by yourself and his 16 years of making associations will serve you well if you like low taxes and smart projects, something an independent voice just doesn’t have the governmental knowledge to do. With 12 years experience on the Chelan City Council my vote is going his way.

Skip Morehouse

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