Honoring Dick and Shirley Cochran

Before our special friend Dick Cochran passed he requested that many boxes of items including lots of clothing be donated to the Kiwanis Club which he was a proud member of for many years. Dick and Shirley were corner stones in our community thru their gardening-flowers and vegetable booths at the farmers market, years of teaching ice skating for free to families at Roses Lake. Their continued involvement with 4H, FFA and the Chelan County Fair.

Their contributions to the Manson community can hardly be measured. It was Dick's desire that funds from the sale of these boxes of items would be donated to the Manson Kiwanis Club. Since Manson Methodist Church (also Dick and Shirley's home church) hosts two very successful yard sales for Habitat for Humanity, it was considered an appropriate move to donate these items to the Habitat sale in honor of Dick and Shirley. The money from the yard sale goes directly to the Chelan Valley building of Habitat homes in partnership with families selected from the valley.  

Kiwanis felt this was an appropriate way to show their appreciation for all the ways Dick and Shirley touched our community. Not only will community members be able to buy items at a very reduced price but the funds, in turn help build affordable housing.  

Another great way to honor the impact Dick and Shirley had on our community and in honor of Dick and Shirley, Kiwanis presents these items of clothing to the Habitat for Humanity yard sale.

Amiko Severns
Kiwanis of Manson

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