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The Smart Meter Awareness and Citizens Opposed to Smart Meter Technology in Chelan County groups wish to thank Ann Congdon for her integrity in following her conscience, representing her constituents, and voting against the installation of the advanced meters.  Her deep concern for public health and safety led her to thoroughly research the issue leading her to acknowledge there does exist potential harm and danger with this technology.
We question how the other commissioners could possibly determine to move forward despite the mounting evidence we have consistently provided them and the serious liability involved.
They asked us to trust them to determine what is best for us yet they are disregarding the 500+ people that have directly contacted, written or signed petitions expressing desires to not have a radiating surveillance device imposed.
Curiously, not one person at the meeting spoke in favor of the meter installation.  Is it apparent to them that the PUD had already determined the course of action?  Of course big business has a strong position in seeing this move forward.  So might second/vacation-home owners.  However they and their children are not subject to being radiated 365 days a year.  It’s the full-time habitants – the children, elderly, those with compromised immune systems that have much to lose living amongst the continual bombardment of microwaves.
Did you know that over half the residents in the county have already had their analog meters replaced with even higher radiating one-way meters?  These were installed without advising the residents.  So now they need to mitigate the problem with a broad canvass of 2-way meter installation on every home, no guarantee they are not harmful.  Still, they’re asking for our trust.
We have proposed the PUD present an opt-in possibility versus expecting residents to opt out of something they have never requested, do not agree to and may not even be aware of its installation.
Communities across America have reversed implementation of radiating devices.
By joining together we can make a difference.  Your voice is needed.
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Robyn Casal, SMA Group

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