Must purchase public lake access

Expanding on Hans Hirschberger’s Safety Valve letter of Oct. 20, “Big time growth is coming to Lake Chelan.” Holidays Hills is the first up: 250 parcels, 1068 units. Next up are these and they are in the works waiting for zoning to be completed: Chelan Fruit 500 units; Tuscan Village 950 units; No-See-Um 765 units; the Lookout completion at 500 units.
All of these and some 40 others are in the works.
However, nowhere in these proposals or the City of Chelan long range planning is even 1 inch of new waterfront public lake access. The existing parks are already overwhelmed and the public is demanding additional access to accommodate this growth. It is imperative to purchase the 3 Fingers location; the only undeveloped site in Chelan, before it is lost forever.
Steve Kline and John Olson, Chelan
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