Thank you for the honor

I would like to thank the Chelan football coaches and Ken Jenkins for their  honoring the 1967 undefeated football team. 

I  especially want to honor the team members that made me look like a genius.  

The 1965 team graduated a lot of seniors and I was going to have to use a lot of sophomores that were not very large, and I did not want them to get hurt.  

In 1966 I borrowed a book from  an Ohio high school coach that used a spread offense to win 65 games in a row.  It was called the run and shoot  offense; the offense of the future.  

My line averaged 145.  The 1966 team won nine games and lost one.  The 1967 team won 9-0  was rated eighth in the nation in scoring and was voted by the state second.  

The 1968 team was undefeated  winning 9-0,  again voted second.  The 1969 team won seven, lost one and tied one.  Total of 25 wins 2 loses and 1 tie.

The point I am trying to make is that I truly mistook the capabilities of these players and they made me look like a genius.  The really good part of the whole thing was that the 1967 team had 17 National Honor Roll students.  

I truly believe that if a coach has the players he can win with any offense.  I sincerely want to thank my players and to let them know that I  love every one of them.  We had some crazy play names and used only 12 plays with the quarterback having three options on every play  depending on what he read from the defense.  Again thank you 2018 football team for the honor.  

Jim Talley

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