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6/5/2014 3:50:00 PM
Letters to the Editor

Too many Oktoberfests for the Publisher!
I am an enrollee in the VA Healthcare system as a result of service in Vietnam. I also have Medicare and Supplemental. I have also spent 30 years either working for Healthcare Facilities and Physician Groups or employed by Healthcare Facilities and Physician Groups. As a result, I have had the opportunity to evaluate the delivery systems of both the VA, and the Private sector delivery systems. According to a recent Rand Study as well as other data based studies, the VA delivered higher-quality healthcare then private hospitals on all measures except acute care. The VA was matched with the private sector on acute care. Patient satisfaction surveys have demonstrated that 85 percent of patients in VA facilities were satisfied with their care versus 77 percent in private hospitals. Health care delivered in this country by the private and public sector is less efficient, more costly, and with less quality then most of the healthcare delivered in other developed countries. T. R. Reid, in his book "The Healing of America" provides a plethora of references to support that statement. The suggestion, by the Publisher that we should privatize VA healthcare is yet another bone head suggestion by the fringe right. Privatizing the VA healthcare system would simply mean we would have one very large mediocre system for veterans and the public. The VA suffers from inadequate funding, a system that is being impacted by two major wars, and a lack of support from too many "Yellow Ribbon Patriots". When you spoke of "Government run healthcare" you also incorrectly lumped the active duty military healthcare system with the VA system. Different systems with a different mission. Since it appears you haven't been in a VA Hospital or Clinic you might want to visit the clinic in Wenatchee or take a turn through the VA Hospital in Spokane or Seattle. And yes, Obamacare has had a significant impact, over 8 million insured and projections of 13 million by September. People who had no insurance now have insurance and are able to get care. You know the Conservatives are chagrined when you don't hear them shrieking about "socialized medicine", and privately, they are lamenting that fact that it was their healthcare program that the Democrats implemented!

Dwight Burke
East Wenatchee

Enduring abuse
I have never met and know nothing about the three people in the child rape case. I base this piece on personal experience and the experiences of others. It's hard for an adolescent to come forward because they feel that their word means little, especially when it's against a prominent member of the community. In the movies, mom's always sacrifice themselves, and fight, for their kids. The truth is that many, single, insecure, mothers will sacrifice the kids, because they are afraid of being alone. They may fight for them in all other areas of their lives, but ignore wrongs in their own home. There are married women that are sure that they would never sell out their children, if something happened to the father. The only way to know is, if they lose their husband and are faced with huge responsibilities, with no one to help them. There are single mothers that wouldn't put up with any abuse of their children. I think they're heroes. Mom supported us. I never went without, but she always needed to have men around to admire her. To keep them around, she'd put up with them coming after me. I had mixed feelings about these men. We would rough house like I use to with my real father, but once I got boobs and butt, the rough housing would end in rough handling. Once it was known mom wouldn't do anything about it, men in the neighborhood, that had known me since child, started coming on to me. I was raised to keep family secrets. If I told, I knew mom wouldn't back me up. She always had an excuse. Some catastrophe that would befall us if she confronted the men. Other times, she ignored what I explained to her in detail. Years later, she would say, " oh, I thought you meant he just touched your arm..." The man who was the worst of the boyfriends, claimed to be a mobster, and probably was. I grew up knowing, they owned the city including cops and judges. It wasn't just sex, it was a power trip. "I can do what I want to you and there's nothing you can do." No one would help, so I helped my self, by hitting harder and harder and yelling louder. One day, he came in with a photo of him, shaking hands with the judge who sent me to group homes. I could do nothing but make man, jump for his hat. I was 6 inches taller than him. Finally, when he was red faced and short of breath I gave it to him. He left me alone, after that. As I got older, I've heard stories from other women, having had the same experiences as adolescents. Keep an open mind about the case in Colville. Let everyone involved have their say. Please don't count the child's original testimony out, just because it may not match the adults' account. Kid, if you're telling the truth, and the courts fails you, punch, yell, and find a way to turn the tables on him. If you leave home, be aware of the people in your friends and relatives lives, and know that just because they knew you when you were little, may not mean much as you start to look like a woman. Know it is always the adult's fault, because your mind is still a child's, even if you are no longer a virgin.

Nancy McCormick
Chewelah, WA

Who Cares?
I am a WW 2 vet, served on a Mine Sweeper and saw lots of action in the South Pacific. We fought the enemy to preserve the USA and all the good things we used to stand for--ie: Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, and the greatest Republic in the history of mankind. 
Now, the environmentalist Extremist, the uninformed young people, the "forever" needy, the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens, and others have taken over. People like me are completely politically irrelevant. Our culture, heritage, and our traditions have been taken over without firing a shot. We are down the road to Socialism. What's to follow help us all. A constitutional crisis is upon us yet it being totally ignored by the masses. We are trillions of dollars in debt and it's almost like "who care" and rarely mentioned. Approximately 50 percent of Americans pay no Federal income taxes and yet they want more free health care, subsidized housing, food stamps and it goes on and on.
America as we knew it is practically gone---Oh well, I think I will join the masses with the attitude--Who Cares.

Tom Hohn

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