Brush Fire Washington Creek area

The fire was reported last night (Nov. 5)  around 6:51 p.m. Rescue 71, Brush 79, Tender 71, Battalion 7, Chief 701, 702 responded on the first alarm. Rescue 71, the first unit on scene, reported a working brush fire in light to medium fuels, wind driven, with flame lengths at 3 to 5 feet. Rescue 71 requested a 2nd alarm and made a direct attack on the head of the fire to slow it down until additional resources could arrive. Chief 701 arrived and established Washington Creek Command, coordinating the fire attack and resources as they arrived. Tender 71 arrived next and supported Rescue 71 with a pump and roll turret operation. Brush 79 followed and deployed on the south side of the fire under the direction of Battalion 7, who also served as the Incident Safety Officer. Tender 74 finished containment on the north and west side of the fire with a pump and roll turret operations. The fire was contained at 7:42 p.m. in 49 minutes and 9 seconds. Two Rescue/brush trucks, two tenders and eleven personnel were used in the fire fight. 2nd alarm resources, which included Station 72, 73, 75 and units from Chelan County Fire District 5, 8 and Douglas County 4 were cancelled en route. The cause of the fire was a debris fire that spread from the winds. Fire was out at 7:44 p.m. 59 minutes and 52 seconds after the 9-1-1 call.


Chief Lemon credits early notification from the home owner and aggressive fire attack from the firefighters for the quick containment and extinguishment of the fire. The chief also wants to remind everyone, while it is cooling off outside, the fuels are still very dry and it does not take much to catch them on fire. All out door fires are required to be monitored until such time as they are completely out.

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