Henry Bell


Henry Bell passed away on Jan. 3, 2019 of natural causes.  He was 66.  

Henry was born Dec. 1, 1953.  He came to Chelan in 1959 with his family.  Henry attended school in Chelan.  In the 1970’s, Henry worked in construction and worked for Chelan Boat Company as a pilot and mechanic and also piloted the barge on occasion.  Later, Henry moved to Friday Harbor and worked in construction.  Henry made many friends through the years both in Chelan and on the island and around Friday Harbor.

Henry is survived by his sons Jason, Jeffry, and Kevin Bell on the Washington coast and their families.  Henry was also loved by his beautiful grandchildren and his surviving brother, Tim Bell, who resides with his wife Vicki Bell in Chelan.  Henry will be greatly missed by all.


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