Echo Ridge Snow Grooming for Feb.21

Echo Grooming Report 2/21/2019

Echo Grooming Report: 2/21/2019, 10 AM, 30 Degrees

Skate lanes were groomed on Lot to Lot, Tootsie Roll, Lollipop, Whoop Di
Do, Nuthatch, Windsinger, Zippity Do Da, Alley Oop, and Purte View.
Tracks are still very good. Bluebird Day!




Today's Topics: Thurs., Feb 14 Grooming Report for Wednesday night (Feb. 13) Report 


26 degrees


Tonight we groomed with double passes the following trails:


Loly Pop, Tootsie Roll, Whoopdy Do, Lot To Lot, Chickadee, Upsy 

Daisy, Windsinger, Zippidy Do Da, No Where To Hide, Inner and Outer 

Rim trails, Nuthatch and Alley Oop have a track along side


Snow is in the forecast for Thursday.

We will groom again Friday and Saturday


Beautiful night with great grooming conditions. We are starting to get 

some width on the trails.  Still catching up from recent snow and 

drift events



Today's Topics: Feb. 7, 2019: Echo Loppet CANCELLED


Unfortunately the Saturday, February 9 Echo Loppet is cancelled due

to the forecast of sub-zero wind chill temps, high winds (gusts up to 39

mph), and heavy snow. Although the snow is welcome, we are concerned that

the forecasted "blizzard-like" conditions may create unsafe driving and ski

conditions. For all on-line registrants, we will issue you a refund for

your ticket.



Today's Topics: Feb. 5, 2019


Grooming update:


     Thanks to Paul and Mark all trails were groomed this afternoon except the

     Outback and and Rim Between. Most with tracks. Excellent conditions and cold!

10 degrees!


Today's Topics: Sat., Jan. 12


   1. Echo Ridge Grooming Friday evening (Wayne Machus)

   2. Echo Ridge road to be sanded this a.m. (Catherine Willard)


32 degrees. No new snow


Tonight we groomed the corduroy on the following trails: Loly Pop, 

Tootsie Roll, Lot to Lot, Nuthatch, Alley Oop, Rim trails, No Where 

To Hide, Big Critter, Windsinger, Zippidy and Chickadee


We left the tracks alone as they are holding up pretty well. We made 

multiple passes on the corduroy with varying results. Some areas came 

out great and others a little rough. The warm temperatures made the 

snow a little sticky.


Should be some good skiing this weekend






Due to yesterday's warm temps, the road up to Echo Ridge is slick. The

sanding truck is scheduled to begin sanding this morning.

Today's Topic: Jan. 9
36 degrees... 4 inches. New...Double Passes with roller on Lot to Lot , Tootsie
Roll, Whoop di do, Nuthatch, Chickadee, Alley Oop,  Purte View. Good
New tracks will go in before weekend.

Today's Topic: Jan. 5


Grooming update Jan. 5: The following trails were groomed this morning. The

Tootsie Roll, Lollypop, Whoopdi Woo, Lot to Lot, Nuthatch, Alley Oop,

Winsinger, Upsy Daisy, No Where to Hide, Big Critter and the Rim Trails.

Nice corduroy. 28 degrees. Road was good.

Today's Topics:  Jan. 4


Echo Ridge road reopened and grooming update 


Echo Grooming Report - 1/4/2019, 8:30 AM. 32 degrees.

We groomed skate platforms with double passes. Stick to these groomed trails for best

skiing: Lollipop, Tootsie Roll, Whoop di do, Lot to Lot, Nuthatch,

Chickadee, Alley Oop, & Windsinger.

No new classic tracks...too icy. All other trails are icy?


Today's Topic for Jan. 3:


January 3 at 1:15 p.m.: The road to Echo Ridge is temporarily closed due to icy

driving conditions. We will update the conditions on Friday afternoon. You

can still access Echo Valley and Chelan Rentals Resort.



Additionally, the ski conditions are likely unfavorable.


Today's Topics:


   1. Echo Grooming Report - Jan. 2 2019



Echo Grooming Report - 1/1/2019 at 9:40 p.m. We re-groomed skate platforms

that should provide good skiing - especially Ally Oop. Stick to these

groomed trails for best skiing: Lollipop, Tootsie Roll, Whoop di do, Lot to

Lot, Nuthatch, Chickadee, Alley Oop, & Windsinger.


No new classic tracks...too icy. All other trails are icy.



Today's Topics: Dec. 29, 2018


   1. Echo Ridge Grooming Friday evening (Dec. 28) (Wayne Machus)

   2. Re: Grooming update 12-26 9 PM (Harriet Hargrove)


22 degrees no new snow


All trails were groomed tonight, (thanks for your help Coron) except for 

the Outback, Zoom, Grand Drop, Far East, Little Critter and Zoom.


Trails are looking good We made double passes on the corduroy.


The tracks are holding up. In and out of the frozen fog tonight




Today's Topics: Dec. 24, 2018


Our volunteer Christmas elves were out grooming this morning. Great ski

conditions! Use caution on the road.


The following trails were groomed with tracks:

Lot-to-Lot, Lollypop, Tootsie Roll, Whoopie Do, Nuthatch, Alley Pop,

Purteview, Upsy Daisy, Chickadee, Windsinger, Zippidy Do Da, Nowhere to

Hide, Inner Rim, Rim Between, and Outer Rim.


Today's Topics: Dec. 22, 2018


   1. Echo Ridge Grooming Friday night (Wayne Machus)

   2. Upper Echo Ridge road icy-use caution (Catherine Willard)


28 Degrees


No New Snow


We flat packed the following trails tonight: All 4 trails out of the 

lower lot, Nuthatch, Alley Oop, Windsinger and Chickadee.


There is a large tree down on No Where To Hide about half way to 

spaghetti junction


With all the freeze thawing we've had and no new snow, the trails are

very firm


New snow forecast for tomorrow


We'll be out early Sunday morning (Dec. 23)


Happy Winter Solstice! The daylight returns


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