Manson UGA on agenda for Manson Council


MANSON - The Manson Community Council will hold their regular meeting on Tuesday, March 21 at the Manson Grange beginning at 6 pm.  A request from community member, Bob Knauss, will be on the agenda again regarding changes in the Manson UGA.  

These changes are to:  change the zoning in the area from Harris East, which currently states that the ground floor use of a building is to have some type of non-residential use and to increase the height limit in that area from 35 feet to 50 feet.

Community members are welcome and encouraged to come to the meeting and voice their opinion on these changes.  This will be the last meeting by the council on this issue, however, hearings will be held by the County if changes are wanted.

 The council has other items on the agenda including a visit from Erik Pierson, fromChelan County Public Works who will be available to answer any questions from Manson residents in regards to our area. 

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