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Members of the Lake Chelan Valley Scholarship Foundation founding families and contributors awarded scholarship checks to recipients, Saturday, August 5, at Riverwalk Park in Chelan. This year, 16 checks for $3,000 a piece were distributed to the selected graduates, bringing the total awarded amount to $48,000, the largest amount distributed to date. LCVSF board members present were (left to right) Arthur Campbell III, Sue Clouse, Irma Keeney, Linda Mayer, and Betsy Kronschnabel (far right). Scholarships were awarded to the following: Sierra Burkhard, Henry Elsner, Addie Ivory, Anabeth Morales, Jessica Oules, and Celeste Verduzco from Chelan’s graduated class, two recipients from Manson’s class, Bowen Charlton and Aurelio Gutierrez, and eight renewals by previous recipients went to Drew Carleton, Neil Carleton, Ivan DeJesus-Ramierrez, Melena Evig, Kristen Gibson, Abbigail Phelps, Megan Robinson and Tess Young.

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