Manson fourth graders tour Chelan County Museum and Pioneer Village in Cashmere

Manson fourth graders toured the Chelan County Museum and Pioneer Village in Cashmere on June 1. The upper floor of the museum, Willis Carvey Wing that was built in 1958, is dedicated to the local American artifacts that date as far back to 200 years to 9,000 years of a local tribes. The class learned the meaning of a few of the city names one is Wenatchee pronounced “with nit chee” meaning where the water gushed. Chelan- meaning deep water, and Entiat- meaning grassy water. While the class went through their tour they were also told that Cashmere fourth grade class spent the day on site in the old one room school house doing their studies for the day dressed in period clothing. BELOW: Mr. Fred Harvey, the classes tour guide through the museum, explains to the class what the pictogragh on the rock means. He says it tells a story of a one family day hunt over 2,000 years ago. Harvey states that there are two adults 3 children and a dog. On this day hunt they ended up gathering one elk, a bighorn sheep and three deer. Harvey also told

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