Manson School District PTAC auction raises $40,000

Theme for this years Manson School District PTAC auction was ‘A Roaring Good Time.’

MANSON - This year marked the 9th year of Manson School District PTAC auction.

The event was held at the Deep Water Amphitheater (Mill Bay Casino) and was attended by over 230 people.  The theme was A Roaring Good Time and whether you were dressed in theme or came in regular cloths it made for a festive time.

All the moneys raised go to the Manson School District. Some of the Items like field trips, emergency radios, a book binding machine, and a second lunch caddie have been purchased for the school.  It is important that the money raised goes back to the kids. It’s rumored this year’s auction raised $40,000.

“It was an amazing time and a lot of money was raised.” said PTAC President Launie Buck.  “It is amazing to see the community come out enjoy themselves and raise money for the school.”

The tiny house project, funded by a Gear Up grant and built by Kevin Sanford and his team of students sold at the event for $30,000. This project gave students a chance to get involved with a trade school project. This project allowed students an opportunity to get a feel for the trades.

The volunteers, the PTAC Board, the teachers and students, and the amazing community members have once again pulled together to make this event spectacular.    

“We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that contributed to the auction, financially or with the endless hours of volunteering.  This event is only possible with the amazing work of all these people and businesses.” Launie Buck.

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