Manson School District on short lockdown

MANSON -Today (Tuesday November 6) at approximately 8:40a.m. Manson School District was notified by the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office to go into a lockdown. Manson Schools immediately went into a lockdown and waited for further direction.


Sheriff’s deputies responded quickly and were able to determine no immediate threat to our schools. Sheriff’s deputies and a canine unit next searched school grounds and nearby neighborhoods. Once it was clear no immediate credible threat was present they gave Manson Schools notice to remove the lockdown.


The incident began with a call from a community member reporting they had observed a person with a gun walking in the vicinity of the school campus. Further details regarding the reported threat can be directed to the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office.


Manson School District is thankful for the support and fast response by our law enforcement partners. We also appreciate our community’s diligence in reporting anything unusual to law enforcement modeling what we teach our students “if you see something, say something.”



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