Morgen Owings Elementary’s Walking School Bus will be back August 29

CHELAN – With another year of school commencing, transportation hazards will once again influence everyday commutes.
The “Walking School Bus,” which took effect in the 2016-17 school year for Morgen Owings Elementary (MOE) students, “went off so successfully,” said MOE Principal Heidi Busk, “it really helped (eliminate) a lot of the traffic build up around the school.”
Busk added that the success of the walking school bus is really owed to all the hard work that everyone (the school district, transportation, parents and neighbors) have put in to it.
By the end of the school year, Busk noticed a lot of the walking children were feeling safer and more independent from the beginning of the school year.
As the new school year is approaching, please remember to watch for children crossing and keep the sidewalks clear so the system can continue to succeed for years to come.

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