Lake Chelan Senior Men’s Golf - May 15

The Senior Men’s Golf Club Members volunteered at the District High School Golf Tournament on Tuesday May 14th and then held their Weekly Game Competition on Wednesday May 15th, both at the Chelan Municipal Golf Course.

The Club Members that volunteered to assist at the District Golf Tournament included Gary Searle, George Nickle, Eric Lorenz, Tony Montoya, Ellis Nierenberg, Ray Wilson, John (Mr. VP) Hancock, Mike Giffen, Dan Dedo, Bob Matson, Dr. Darrell Richards, and they were joined by friend, Barbara Almon.
Prior to play on Wednesday, Mark Lawrence with the Chelan Golf Course shared the following golf rule gems with the Club Members.

1.If you're on the green and you accidentally kick your ball there is no penalty assessed.  Just return your ball to its original location.
2.If you're on the green and you accidentally strike your ball during a practice stroke there is no penalty or shot count assessed.  Just return your ball to its original location.
3.If you're on the green, you've marked your ball, and another player asks you to move your marker a putter head length, what is the correct rules procedure?  First, move your marker and then place the marker upside down to confirm the marker has been moved.
4.If you hit your ball from off the green and it hits another player's ball that is on the green you must play your ball where it ends up.  The other player can return his/her ball to its original location.

Low Net Score (Score 66)
1st Place - Dan Dedo
2nd Place (Tie) - John (Mr. VP) Hancock
2nd Place (Tie) - Stefan Dobratz
3rd Place - Cliff House

Number of Fairways Hit (13 Fairways)
1st Place (Tie) - Ron Huffer
1st Place (Tie) - George Nickle
2rd Place - Dave Jansen
3rd Place (Tie) - Jim Storms
3rd Place (Tie) - Scott Patrick

Long Drive Hole #13
Winner - Ed Ferguson
Chip-Ins (1 Chip-In)
1st Place (Tie) - Gary Searle
1st Place (Tie) - Curtis Martin

Closest to the Pin on Hole #11
Jim Storms - 1' 11"
Dave Jansen - 11' 1/2"
Don Coleman - 12' 3"
John (Mr. VP) Hancock - 15' 0"
Dan Dedo - 18' 2"

Congratulations were extended to Gary Searle (Fairways, Chip-Ins), Jim Storms (Fairways Hit, Closest to the Pin), John (Mr. VP) Hancock (Low Net, Chip-Ins), Stefan Dobratz (Low Net, Chip-Ins), and Dan Dedo (Low Net, Chip-Ins) for winning more than one event this week. 

The Senior Men’s Golf Club plays every Wednesday through October at the Chelan Golf Course with a shotgun start at 8 a.m.

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