Chelan Jr. Rodeo to be held July 30-31

CHELAN - Each year, young rodeo hopefuls and their families come from all over Washington State and beyond to take part in the Chelan Jr. Rodeo. Children, teens and in between compete in more than 50 combined events from mutton bustin’ to bareback riding, stake racing to steer wrestling, roping to barreling and much more.
Competitors ranging from 2-18 years of age and are placed in the following categories:
• Little people: 2-5 years
• Pee-wee: 6-8 years
• Juniors: 9-12
• Intermediate: 12-14 years
• Senior: 15-18 years
These youth compete year-round at junior rodeos throughout the northwest region and even parts of Canada before arriving in Chelan where they will test their skills in one, two or several of the events below:
• Mutton Bustin’
• Goat Tail Untying
• Cal Stake Race
• Barrel Racing
• Pole Bending
• Steer Daubing
• Goat Flanking
• Steer Riding
• Break Away Roping
• Goat Tying
• Calf Riding
• Steer Wrestling
• Cow Riding
• Steer Bareback
The goal: to accumulate enough year-round points in their respective categories and earn the chance to advance to the next level of competition.
Where the money comes in.
It takes money, time and a lot of volunteer labor to successfully host an event like this.
Like most junior rodeos, admission to Chelan Jr. Rodeo is free to spectators. Operating money comes from two areas: 1) Entrance fees; 2) Donations.
This means Chelan’s Jr. Rodeo relies heavily on the generous donations and sponsorships of area businesses and individual supporters.
Fundraisers are held each year to help raise enough money to ensure these young rodeo champions are amply rewarded for their valiant efforts and to help pay for the livestock, equipment, judges, awards and other operational expenses typically associated with a production of this kind. Without the support of the Chelan community and surrounding businesses, the Jr. Rodeo would not be what it is today.
Coming soon to the Chelan Rodeo Grounds:
This year’s Jr. Rodeo will take place on July 30 and 31, at the Chelan Rodeo Grounds, and events will kick-off at 10 a.m. both days. The Chelan Jr. Rodeo is a member of the Caribou Trails and Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo Associations. These associations coordinate competitive junior rodeos in the central and eastern Washington regions and establish the competition criteria and standards for each event. Their certified judges follow an objective scoring system to grade the proficiency of each competitor’s performance. They also maintain a standings list from each junior rodeo.
Supporting youth equine activities has been part of the Saddle Club’s mission since shortly after its inception in 1953. By 1957, club leaders dedicated one night a week to training and teaching youth about proper horsemanship, rigging for trail riding and better ways to maintain tack and care for their horses. Over the years, this evolved into the Jr. Saddle Club and eventually joined forces with what we know today as the Jr. Rodeo.
While hosting the junior rodeo was not an annual event in previous decades, the Chelan Rustlers Saddle Club has been a proud host of this long-standing American tradition for the past 10-years -- and is committed to supporting the next generation of rodeo champions for many more years to come.

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