Don’t miss this small-venue, Black Box concert Nov. 12

Submitted photo of the group Wayne Evans, Curtis Moore and Ian Jones

Join us for an intimate music experience featuring three amazing singer/songwriter/storyteller solo performances on Saturday Nov. 12 at Riverside Playhouse in Wenatchee. Tickets are $15 and are available through or by calling 509-663-ARTS.

Steve Clem of Avalon Music and Dennis Broughton of Mountain Music Productions are renting the Riverside Playhouse, a non-profit facility, and presenting this show in a non-profit manner. What profits are made will go back to the Riverside Playhouse.

Our goal is to have a place where local independent music artists can come and play and interact with an attentive audience. This theater is the perfect place for doing this and our plan is to continue these music events between other shows at the Riverside Playhouse.

Wayne Evans honed his songwriting skills in the clubs of Texas, Nevada and Washington. Wayne is a master of the guitar and has been a continuing mentor to musicians and songwriters throughout his career. Wayne’s most recent solo album, Close to Home, was released in September. Evans performs regularly, leading the bands Junk Belly and Older and Wiser and is committed to expanding live music throughout North Central Washington.

Curtis Moore is a troubadour who has traveled the world and shares his life experiences through his music. Curtis is a gritty performer who will make you laugh and make you cry – sometimes in the same song. Curtis performs solo multiple times per week throughout Washington and also leads his band, The Stone Blind Horses.

Ian Jones is a national songwriting and recording artist based in Seattle who writes poetic, personal narratives with an artist’s flair. Ian’s performances are melodic and soulful. His messages are clear and bold. Ian’s most recent EP, Evergreens, immediately hit the charts and previews his full-length album, Results Not Typical,  scheduled for release in 2023. The Riverside Playhouse is in Wenatchee at 233 B N. Wenatchee Ave.


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