Beware the government environmentalist education complex


Monopolies are dangerous. And the government/teacher’s union monopolization of our schools is especially dangerous. 

There is no better evidence for this fact than the current climate change mania that is sweeping across our country and most of the civilized world. Global warming/climate change fearmongering has been planted in the minds of most of our young people convincing them that only government action can save the planet from the ravages of human development.

Politicians of course will take advantage of any opportunity to increase their power and influence. And it is always easier to sell snake oil based on fear than on it’s unproven curative power. 

Fixing our climate is a perfect snake oil issue for politicians. Only big government is big enough to tackle such an issue. If we don’t give them all of our money through their convoluted carbon tax programs then we will all die from drinking contaminated water and breathing dirty air.

Yes, you can call me a climate change denier. I am however among a growing number of independent thinkers and scientists who are beginning to speak out on the issue.

Take, for example, Australian geologist Ian Plimer. Plimer is professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne. He recently gave an address to the British Parliament where he adeptly laid out the case against irrational concerns over global climate change.

Plimer points out that the one thing we miss in the climate change debate is the past. Climates have always changed. In the past carbon dioxide was at much higher levels compared to today’s exceptionally low level of point zero four percent. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that today is at dangerously low levels. It is not a pollutant. It is plant food and when it has been at higher levels plant life thrived. Plimer points out that the earth’s climate is constantly changing because the continents move causing changes in sea currents. Volcanoes also effect the planets climate. Currently we only measure 20 of the 1500 terrestrial volcanoes, and we know little about the over 3 million volcanoes on the sea floor that regularly cause changes in ocean currents.

Plimer says the only reason climate change science has got any traction is it only relates to the last 30 to 40 years of climate activity.

“In science there is no consensus. In science skepticism is not a pejorative word. In science there are constant battles” says Plimer.

According to Plimer the sums of money floating around for climate research are corrupting science and the scientific method.

Plimer is not the only scientist of note to take exception to the climate industry’s arguments that man is destroying our environment. Former Greenpeace President Patrick Moore has taken exception to the claims of environmentalists that human dependence on fossil fuels is destroying our planet.

It should be telling that environmentalists meet all of these critics with personal attacks on their motivation not on their scientific foundation. 

The truth is that cheap fossil fuels have done more to improve human life on this planet than all of the environmentalists and climate research specialists. 

It is true we have made some mistakes in putting those resources to work but human progress is always imperfect. 

Wind and solar may have a place in meeting our energy needs in the future but they are far from a perfect replacement for coal, gas and oil. And the batteries that power electric cars are more environmentally toxic than the fossil fuels they replace.

Liberals like to say we are all entitled to an opinion but not to our own set of facts. It’s time the environmentalists looked at the scientific facts. A very real fact is if we continue to reduce carbon dioxide, plants will die. Fewer plants will mean less oxygen.

Maybe you should start asking the environmentalists, teachers and government bureaucrats what they are going to do when we can no longer breath.

For those bold enough to consider the real scientific facts you can view Plimer’s address at

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