Cracks appearing in the tyranny of global oppression

It was only a few weeks ago that I published an opinion warning about the threat to our freedom posed by the climate change/global warming insanity.
The problem is that our government and our media have become addicted to the concept that humans are causing irreparable harm to our environment. Harm they claim will inevitably make life on earth unsustainable. For government zealots it is a perfect storm. Only government can create the regulations and laws needed to protect us from this external threat to our existence.
The result is that many uniformed and fearful subjects have fallen prey to the tyrants, government zealots and their enablers around the globe.
If the science were solid they would have case to support their position. But the science is not settled. Climate change zealots claim a consensus of scientists agree, but science is not settled by a vote. Science is settled by incontrovertible facts.
A growing number of well qualified scientists have begun to question the science. Some have even gone so far as to call it a hoax. That includes Ian Plimer, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and Patrick Moore, a former President of Greenpeace. According to Wikipedia Moore holds a PhD in ecology from the University of British Columbia.
Both Plimer and Moore have been vilified as misguided individuals who have turned their back on science to become paid spokesmen for the oil industry. Notice that they do not challenge the scientific facts Plimer and Moore use to make their case against global climate change.
First of all, Plimer and Moore both say carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. In fact they both make the case that carbon dioxide levels are at the lowest level in the history of the planet. Moore says that plant life is currently on a starvation diet when it comes to carbon dioxide. He points out that many farmers today have to pump carbon dioxide into their greenhouses to encourage the plants to grow.
Years ago basic high school biology taught us that plants breath in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The climate zealots want us to believe that we must reduce carbon dioxide by abandoning our use of fossil fuels like oil and coal. Logically, that means reducing carbon dioxide will ultimately reduce the levels of oxygen as plants begin to die.
If carbon dioxide levels were at historically high levels then the climate change folks would have a valid concern, but both Plimer and Moore dispute that underlying premise. Also, if greenhouse gasses were at historically high levels plants would be thriving without the addition of carbon dioxide as posited by Moore. Zealots ignore these serious challenges to their scientific facts.
Political talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin both pointed out this week that the programs promoted by the climate change lobby fall heaviest on the poor. Patrick Moore also has made the point that the solutions proposed by the climate change zealots hit the poor harder than the rich and powerful. Their programs result in higher energy costs, higher food costs and fewer job opportunities.
The reality is we all want a cleaner environment. We don’t want polluted air or lead in the water supply. Levin says people who are better off financially are more likely to support real solutions to cleaning up our environment.
Quite frankly it is insulting when liberals accuse conservatives of destroying the planet for our children and grand children while they saddle our progeny with a debt they cannot possibly pay.
President Trump got it right when he stood up to the pressure and withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate change accord. Unfortunately he did not do it because the entire underlying global warming/climate change agenda is nothing more than an fraud perpetrated by liberal elites who want to steal your freedom.
Free, educated and industrious people can find new creative solutions to the problems that we all face. Our founding fathers understood that government rarely does. Have government solutions gotten any smarter since they wrote the constitution?

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