Lame-stream media still focused on fake news

With over 30 years in the news business it is clear to me that most journalists today do not understand their role in the traditional American system. I am not sure exactly where they went astray but they have clearly lost their way.

It is not the responsibility of the media to make or break a President or a particular political party. It is their job to accurately report on the issues of the day.

Accurate means complete. The problem often isn’t that the stories are factually inaccurate. The problem is that they are often incomplete or ripe with personal opinion and as a result convey a message that is inaccurate or leaves the listener or reader with a false impression.

For example, this last week the President was on a tour around the world to convey his message that things have changed in Washington D.C.

The President was often direct in his remarks to allies and foreign leaders but the majority of the media found it important to describe his remarks as rude or out of place. But the most ridiculous reporting came when they couldn’t resist the opportunity to suggest there was growing discord between the President and First Lady because it appeared she “slapped his hand away” as they approached the plane.

Are you kidding me? Really? There were important foreign relations issues being confronted by the President and yet the media found a possible marital spat more important than reporting on the President’s message to foreign leaders.

NPR lead off their report this way, “President Trump has had, according to the White House, a successful maiden trip outside the U.S. But the bad news is he has to come home. Back in Washington, the ongoing Russia investigations await him along with another appeals court setback for his travel ban.” A fine piece of objective journalism there.

CNN couldn’t resist describing President’s trip to Saudi Arabia this way, “Any concern about an uneasy touch-down abroad disappeared quickly. Welcomed with horse parades, draped with a gold medal and lured into a male-only sword dance, Trump had finally found a country to treat him like a king, if only for a weekend.”

It would seem that none of the national media can report on the new President without finding some way to belittle his activities or more importantly try to understand and clarify his position.

President Trump told the Muslim world that they needed to rid their countries of radical Islamic terrorists. He told our NATO allies that they needed to start paying their bill for their own defense. It is no longer going to be acceptable for them to leave it up to the American taxpayer. And he told the leftist European leaders that he was not going to sign the Paris Climate accords. These are substantial changes in American foreign policy that need some honest and direct reporting.

Unfortunately, reporting on these issues would illustrate how horribly ignorant the media is on substantive issues. They have sold out objective reporting on issues like climate change, capitalism and civil rights in favor of multiculturalism, open borders and pseudoscience.

To address the issues raised by President Trump these reporters would actually have to do some serious research on how far behind our “allies” are in their debt to the American taxpayer. And, they might actually have to look into why the President is questioning the climate change hoax – oh, excuse me the consensus position that we are killing the planet. A position that the media has been promoting for decades so now they would have to admit that maybe they have been wrong?

One thing did seem to be consistent across all of their reporting. They were upset that Trump did not hold a press conference during his trip. But why would he? Anything he says gets twisted into some negative review of his administration.

And the news of the Russian controversy goes on, and on. No evidence has been found. Those closest to the issue have declared there is no evidence but the sensational press just cannot let it go. They ignore real news to interview every discredited and dismissed has been bureaucrat trying to find a sound bite to keep the non-story alive.

It’s time to turn off your TV news.

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