Leftist Hysteria is bordering on treason

Calls for impeachment, declaring the President insane or unfit to govern are making a mockery of our election process.

When Trump was elected the first letter I received from a reader was a request not to gloat. I didn’t. Now it’s time for me to demand that those liberals who still have the guts to read my column to get over their loss of power.

Trump is the President. Give him some room to make the changes for which many of your friends and neighbors elected him.

Let’s get a few facts straight here. Trump was not my first choice and for many Trump voters that is probably true. But for many Americans Trump’s lack of political connections was key to his appeal.

Our government is exceptionally strong. In our short history we have survived many incompetent President’s and an untold number of incompetent Congressmen and judges. I am sure we can all come up with our own list of miscreants. No matter whom you choose as your example of the worst of the worst, they are gone and our country goes on.

That said Trump and all of the American people who voted for him deserve a chance to “make America Great.”

Obama and his fellow liberal Democrats have been promising to improve your life for decades. I know it is difficult to admit but most of their programs have resulted in a lower standard of living for the majority of Americans.

That is why so many Americans are frustrated. That is why they were willing to take a chance on an unproven and untested President. If you think about it Obama may have been the first example of America’s frustration with Washington. He was an unknown. While many of us saw him as problematic because of his leftist policies and unrealistic campaign promises, he was able to draw support away from the traditional Democrat candidate.

So, here we are. With a new President and a Washington that is badly broken.

The entrenched bureaucracy is threatened by the potential loss of their power and influence. All I can say is it’s about time.

The problem is their fear and frustration is showing in their insane reaction.

To make the problem worse, the major national media who have prided themselves in taking the pulse of the country are struggling to understand how they could have been so wrong. They have lost the one thing that journalists claim is their most important asset – credibility. Most don’t realize they lost that a long time ago.

Despite what the left believes, most Americans are pretty smart about what is in their best interest. They are often very patient but there is a limit to that patience. That patience has run out.

Continuing to impede President Trump by resisting his policies will only drive the country further to the right. It may delay the changes but it will not convince those who have lost faith in the direction of the country to turn back to the failed policies of the left.

Cooking up phony conspiracies, psychological insanity charges, and contrived impeachment charges simply identifies those pushing these false narratives as obstructionists. For the most part these are Democrats that a few short months ago called Republicans the party of no. Now that they are in the minority they will stop at nothing to “resist” their loss of political power and influence.

Their resistance is to the will of the American people. People who expressed their dissatisfaction with their policies at the ballot box last November. Continuing to disrupt and slander the choice of their fellow citizens borders on treason.

When President Obama was elected conservatives who resisted his election were called racist. It is not unreasonable for conservatives to now describe the anti-Trump crowd as traitors.

It is time for party leaders to tell the insane members of their party to act professionally and cut the slanderous and mean spirited claims. Otherwise, the war of words will only continue to escalate and America will become increasingly divided.

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