Time to consider our blessings


As families gather for the Thanksgiving Holiday they often take time to count their blessings. It is a wonderful tradition that we all take too little time to truly consider.

This year I find it is a tradition that deserves our special attention as we consider the passionate arguments that have pushed us to see each other across a chasm of misunderstanding.

So, here goes with what I am thankful for in 2018

First, I am thankful for friends. In our modern age defining who is a true friend is something we should all ponder. Here is something I found online:

A true friend is authentic and honest with you

A real friend accepts you for you

A true friend wants what’s best for you

A real friend will not abandon you in difficult times

There are more but in this time when “social” media encourages us to “un-friend” each other whenever we have a disagreement or challenge; the question of who is a real, honest, authentic friend is especially important. I am thankful that I have a number of true friends are able to tell me I am crazy but still call me a friend.

Second, I am thankful that I still have an active mind. Many friends and relatives who are of the same vintage have begun to lose their mental acuity. I still can enjoy the mental challenge of a good game of bridge or a Sudoku puzzle.

Third, I am thankful for my beautiful grandchildren, all healthy overactive bundles of energy. I wish I had more time to spend with them.

Finally, I am blessed to be an American. To live in the greatest country in the history of this planet. A country that is filled with generous and caring people that have faced their differences and worked together to make the world a better place.

Let’s all resolve to work to be better friends in the year ahead. Let’s resolve to reject the politics of personal destruction and fear that draw us into solutions that create resentment not understanding.



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