The tyranny of ‘the law’

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Lord Acton.
The FBI was founded in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation. From the very beginning some members of Congress were concerned about the formation of a “federal secret police.” It would appear that their concerns were well justified.
It should be clear to anyone who is willing to examine the recent activity or lack of activity of the FBI, that it is the epitome of the “deep state.” It is functioning like a fourth branch of government with its own political agenda.
Many on the left describe the concept of the deep state as a right wing conspiracy but the concept simply recognizes the fact that much of the government operates independently from our elected representatives. Powerful agencies create regulations and enforcement techniques that impact our daily lives without proper oversight from our elected representatives.
In the case of the FBI, Congress has been requesting access to documents on investigations of President Trump, Hillary Clinton and several Justice Department officials. The agency has been stonewalling and “slow walking” sometimes refusing to produce some documents entirely. Many of the documents that have been provided are so highly redacted as to make them useless. Reportedly, one disc of documents was 100 percent redacted.
Last week Judge T.S. Ellis in Virginia declared that the prosecution had no authority to prosecute Paul Manafort and demanded that the prosecutor produce a copy of the “scope” memo defining the authority of special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Only time will tell if that document is released. In the meantime, Manafort will continue to incur legal fees for preparing his defense.
Originally charged with investigating Russian collusion in the 2016 Presidential race, Mueller has produced no evidence. But his prosecution of everyone connected with President Trump has become persecution. Mueller is using the law to intimidate or extort any information he can possibly use to discredit or impeach a duly elected President.
It is a tactic often used by lawyers in personal injury cases or class action lawsuits where the defendant agrees to settle in order to limit the cost of defense. We should all be concerned when that tactic is employed by government investigators.
These are the tactics of a police state. The government has unlimited funds to prosecute but few citizens have unlimited resources to defend themselves against a protracted investigation. This can lead to guilty pleas just to put an end to the legal harassment.
Over the weekend I was engaged with a friend regarding the FBI. My friend said the actions of James Comey and the FBI are justified by their Constitutional responsibility to protect the American people. It is an interesting point of view. The problem with that line of thinking is it puts an unelected and unaccountable Federal agency above the elected representatives of the people.
The problem is that this type of government is growing and not just at the Federal level. How many orchardists have been threatened with shut down for some minor infraction? How many contractors have been harassed by an overzealous code enforcement officer?
There are good reasons to have laws designed to protect us from those who would purposefully damage our environment or endanger our families with shoddy workmanship. The problem is when enforcement becomes oppressive or is not administered equally then we must question our representatives. And those representatives must be able to examine everything an agency is doing in order to determine if they have exceeded their authority.
It is far past time to end this political witch hunt.
Like him or not Trump was elected by the people to upset the status quo in Washington. Clearly he has stirred up the swamp and the alligators are biting back.
It is time to clean house at the Department of Injustice and send a clear message to the rest of the deep state that abuse of the American people for political purposes will not be tolerated.

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