What has happened to the Democrat Party?

Bill Forhan

The Democrats have always been the party of the left. The party of “progressive” ideas. The party that promises to look out for the little guy, the working people. At least, that is how they describe themselves. While that is what they claim to be the current crop of political hopefuls are totally focused on bribing voters or threatening Armageddon if voters don’t return them to power.
Let’s just take a look at the list of characters.
Leading candidate Joe Biden is proposing to expand Obamacare, embrace the green new deal, and reform the justice system. He’s short on details and long on gaffs. Someone is going to begin to question Joe’s age and stamina, but he is the most seasoned and well known Democrat on the campaign right now. The big question for Democrats is can he win against Trump?
Behind Biden are two extremely left candidates who are in a dead heat for second place both polling at about 20 percent. As of last Friday, Elizabeth Warren was polling at 19 percent and Bernie Sanders is at 20 percent. Both seem to be competing for who is the farthest left. Both are promising single payer health care through a program they call “Medicare for All.” Both are promising free college including free tuition for illegal aliens. Both want significant restrictions to gun ownership. Warren has even proposed creating her own government owned drug manufacturing company to compete with private industry and she would ban all private insurance companies.
Behind these two candidates California Senator Kamala Harris is currently polling at 9 percent of Democrats. Harris is followed by the Mayor of South Bend Indiana, Pete Buttigieg who is polling at 8 percent. After that is a bevy of other candidates who are struggling to poll more than 1 percent each including Washington’s own Governor Jay Inslee.
Nearly all espouse an ever growing list of free stuff, a takeover of more of America’s latest unpopular private industries and more regulation of our daily lives. This is an old Democrat scam to win elections by bribing voters or pandering to those who feel victimized by the established American system.
The other Washington has been grabbing more and more control over our lives for decades. Democrats and many of their Republican partners are sensing a growing loss of control. Having been defeated by an outsider who is unraveling the established DC order, they are reverting to their time tested methods of regaining it.  
The problem is they never examine the effectiveness of their current programs. They create huge bureaucracies that are continually expanding control of our daily lives while never being held accountable for their failures.
Let’s just look at one example of the failure of the Federal Bureaucracy – Education. The Federal government took over education in this country with the formation of the Department of Education. Ask yourself, has education improved as a result?
I would posit that our young people today are less informed on issues of how our system of government works or even basic scientific principles than at any time in our history.
Today our youth willingly attack the American concept of freedom of speech demanding that we must never say anything that could hurt someone’s feelings. Today our young people see the Electoral College as an impediment to our elections. Today our young people push for socialism despite obvious examples of how it has never worked and has often ended badly.
Today our youth buy into the concept of a dying planet despite growing scientific arguments that suggest Global Climate change is nothing more than a political hoax. They readily dismiss any evidence from true environmental scientists that challenge the concept of carbon dioxide as a pollutant that must be eliminated, as the ranting of greedy corporate sycophants.
Many of our youth have become so indoctrinated by the educational establishment about the coming end of the world that they are declining to have children. This should be considered a national tragedy.
I do not fault the young people who have become rabid environmentalists for their enthusiasm in supporting a cleaner natural environment. I fault an educational system that has failed to teach them to be critical thinkers.
President Eisenhower once said, “Beware the military industrial complex.” Today we should be saying, “Beware the government education complex.”
What we truly need is more competition in our educational system. We need to abolish the government monopoly of education. We need school vouchers and we need to shut down the Federal Department of Education. It has become a propaganda machine for the Federal government.
Do not take this as an indictment of teachers. They are victims of the monopoly. The problem here is education has been politicized. Our system will continue to drift more toward socialism until we remove the power of the federal government to influence the curriculum through their control of funding.
The answer to what has happened to the Democrats is they have become drunk with power. They will do anything to get it back. They will destroy this great republic and bankrupt the country with their schemes to increase their power over us.
In the current election it is most likely that either Sanders or Warren will win the primary as the other candidates, who will be unable to command a dominant lead, will swing their support to one of them. Old Joe will most likely fade as the socialists begin to attack him as the status quo.
The American people must reject the insanity being offered by the Democrats. They are not going to see the light of their out of touch ideas until they have been thoroughly rejected – numerous times.

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