Where’s the evidence?

“It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes,” Joseph Stalin

Google that quote and you will find a rash of disclaimers telling you Stalin never said that. I searched a number of other browsers and found several editorials that reported Stalin said it in 1924 when he took over for Lenin. So, who do you trust? That question is more relevant today than it has ever been in our history.

A local official called me this week to ask me my opinion on the recent decision by the Royal Robes to not weigh in on the election. I told him I was deeply worried that there was widespread fraud involved in this election. He kept hounding me to produce the evidence. That’s not my job.

The point is not everything you read, see on TV, find on a search engine or on some social media site is factually correct. That is why it is important that you look at stories critically. That is why you need to question whether the facts you are being fed are correct or just the biased opinion of the reporter.

As a journalist, my job and the job of all of the other “journalists” in this country is to raise questions and attempt to get answers from our elected representatives. When the answers we receive don’t pass the smell test then we need to keep pushing until our elected representatives come up with serious answers to serious questions.

It has been said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The exact authorship of that phrase is often debated, but human experience tends to confirm it. Our system of government is the best ever devised by humans, but the last election does raise serious questions. Questions that deserve answers.

The answers to questions about the last election do not pass the smell test. There is plenty of reason to question the accuracy of the vote. It may not all meet the immediate evidentiary standards for a court of law but what is clear is the outright dismissal of the issue by the Supreme Court is a just another example of the impotence of that final check on our Constitutional contract with our government.

Without our Constitution, our “Democracy” is no longer accountable to the people. We are no longer citizens. We are subjects. When the regulators are making the laws and the elected representatives are no longer looking out for the citizens then we no longer have a Republic of the people, by the people and for the people.

It should not matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican we all must provide a final check on the people who we elect to represent us. When there are serious concerns about the election, we owe it to each other to carefully examine the outcome.

Questions about this election are not completely about which side cheated? This week a story came out that Russia had hacked into thousands of government and corporate sites. They had gained access to numerous emails and information considered vital to US security. They had planted software in key programs. Are we completely sure that there wasn’t foreign meddling in our election? Are we completely sure it was Russia? There are concerns now about China’s meddling in our elections.

The point here is there is significant evidence that something went drastically wrong with the 2020 election. The American people deserve a thorough examination of the process and results of this election. It would appear that our institutions have failed us at this point. I for one would like the Democrats and Trump haters to step up and demand that a thorough examination be completed. One that proves the election was fair. One that proves there was no attempt to steal the election.

The above video contains much compelling evidence for those who are willing to examine the concerns being raised by some of your fellow Americans.

True freedom demands active not passive citizens.


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