Would somebody wake up Mitch

Too many years in the Senate and Speaker Mitch McConnell doesn’t seem to recognize the American public has grown impatient. Recently he told a local Rotary club that President Trump “had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process.”
We just went through an historic election. None of the good old boys expected Trump to win.
News flash Senator McConnell. The American people are tired of your do nothing Congress. They elected a guy well known for his ability to fire people in an attempt to disrupt the morass in Washington.  
Republicans have claimed for years that given the chance they would address the problems in DC. But in Trump’s first six months they have demonstrated their love for the status quo.
It is clear that little is going to change until the biggest alligators in the swamp are removed. McConnell needs to go. His time has run out.
Obamacare has already failed. Our tax system is broken and needs to be scrapped. Our immigration policies are a disaster. Over regulation is stifling small business creativity and innovation.
Decades of feel good liberal entitlement programs are bankrupting our country and dividing our citizens.
The media has demonstrated their inability to offer serious analysis that can help us all understand the complex issues facing us. Instead they have turned their newscasts into emotional sound bytes intended to draw an audience to support their overpriced advertising.
The President can’t actually fire McConnell. And it is pretty clear the entrenched bureaucracy is doing everything they can to disrupt and delay President Trump and his agenda.
If we really want to change the do nothing status quo that Washington has become, we must come together and demand the old guard be removed.
Unfortunately, here in Washington state we are burdened with a liberal political majority that want to expand their failed policies dividing us further between the rich and the poor. The producers and the takers.
If you want to examine the true intentions of the left then look no further than their oldest entitlement program – social security. No one can retire on the paltry sum they will receive from social security and that paltry sum is clearly not secure.
Several economists have examined the issue of taxes paid during an average persons work life versus the benefit received from social security and concluded the benefit received is less than the contributions. And if you don’t live to the average life expectancy the government keeps your unclaimed benefits.
It may be difficult but we as citizens must demand that our elected representatives begin to address the problems we face. Democrats need to be held accountable for their stonewalling. They lost. It’s over so they can do their job and work with the President. Send a letter to your Congressional representatives today and demand that McConnell step down and that they work in a positive and collaborative way to serve the American people.

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