‘Lunchpail’ Joe’s agenda will be co-opted by far left ‘free-for-all’

If “Lunchpail” Joe Biden gets elected as President come November, make no mistake, he will immediately start pandering to the left wingers in the Democrat Party.
1Maybe pandering is just the start. I predict his agenda will be completely co-opted by a California socialist, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as well as an east coast communist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC.
She is the United States Representative from New York’s 14th Congressional District. Both Democrats are beholding to free healthcare for all, free college for all and God only knows free “fill in the blank” for all.
Literally, the four years of Biden will, in fact, become a “free for all.”
That translates into chaos.
The pleasant demeanor most of us see in a placid Joe Biden will be replaced by a portrait of evil. The hateful face of those who demand everything for free, give nothing in return and cry when they don’t get their way.
Sadly speaking, their cries are often violent and therefore cannot be tolerated.
When the official White House photos are taken, Biden will appear in full regalia as Lucifer with trident-styled pitchfork, goatee and horns, sporting a red satin jacket as if he were going trick or treating.
The “tricks” part will be standing on a soapbox behind him in the guise of AOC sporting a Goth outfit. Her job is to constantly overshadow the new “Meany Joe.”
Emblazoned on her soapbox will be “Queen of the East Coast Kooks.”
In front of Biden in a claw-footed, mahogany castle-type chair with a dragon-motif will be “Queen of the Left Coast Kooks,” aka Madame Speaker, treating us all to the new Socialist States of America. 
This trio will form the new Axis of Evil – Domestic Division. 
A triumvirate to be feared, an unholy trinity in charge of a fiesta making the Dia de Muertos pale in comparison. Moderates and Conservatives can kiss their rights goodbye unless, like the former nice-guy Joe, you are ready to pay fealty to the demands of this winner take all regime, only to give it all away.
Illegal immigrant? – no such thing. There will be open borders, free healthcare, education, bailout money and, what the heck – as Oprah would say – “you get a car and you get a car and you get a car!”  
When you give a child candy, they never ask, “how was this paid for?”
When you stop giving the candy, the child only knows you are being mean.
If those of us who are truly moderates and Conservatives actually mean to stop the far left from taking the reins of a once beautiful American Dream, the candy-giving must stop until the chores of freedom are done.
Ah yes, the vaunted Chores of Freedom! For that I offer a compromise to the left: Able bodied men or women crossing the Southern border must either join the military, become firemen or cops or perform 8,000 hours of some type of community service (about 4 years at 40 hours per week per 50 weeks) and then they become citizens, but only after all the other Green Card holders are sworn in.
As far as the born in the U.S.A. radicals, let them pay for their “free college” by only taking STEM courses. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is what America needs to bring us to the same parity as other modern nations.
Want a free car? Get your Master’s Degree in STEM. Want free healthcare? Become a doctor or get your PhD.
If you want to major in the arts, then you’ll need a lot of salt to swallow that canvas. Only kidding, they make yummy organic paints nowadays.
Want equal rights in everything you do on an everyday basis? Earn it. Freedom was never free. We all know getting something for free usually means it is not cherished and truly valued for its inherent goodness.
No American should ever go hungry or homeless either, that tells me every “defund the police” protestor should befriend a homeless family and invite them home for the holidays. 
This must happen if they expect the police to go back to actually enforcing the law by keeping streets safe for the law abiding among us instead of confronting loonies trying to kill them.
Gary Bégin’s opinion is his alone and does not represent the ownership of NCW Media. “On the record” comments can be emailed to: gary@ncwmedia.net.


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