‘Wealth Tax’ proposed by Warren, Sanders is un-American

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been busying their otherwise lazy hands and brains proposing a tax on the wealthiest Americans.
This is patently un-American. Our nation was built on the ingenious inventions, business acumen and outright guts of a handful of people who had the nerve to invest in great ideas and came out the other end of the tunnel with great results and revenue to match.
Why are these two miscreants using wealthy Americans as punching bags? Why are they chastising the idea that wealth is inherently evil? Have Bernie and Elizabeth drunk the Kool-Aid of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist theory?
These questions are facetious, because it is obvious both of these Democrats are paying fealty to the Gods of the so-called “equal distribution of wealth” when in reality, the wealth belongs to them that earn it. 
Redistribution of the money is an insane idea. Why bother even working if I can get an equal amount that the successful and hard-working folks get? Why bother  getting a degree if I can get the same pay as a scientist, engineer, mathematician or software developer? 
It should be noted that former President Obama and Warren were college professors and Bernie has always been a socialist so there should be no surprise about where their hearts and intentions are.
The question remains, why are they so adamantly opposed to a handful of Americans making real money from their ideas or cleverness in business?
Isn’t the American dream all about making it to the top financially and thus achieving what is unachievable in about 95% of other countries?
Why do the Democrats, admittedly not all of them, hate the wealthy so?  If it makes them feel better, give the poor “participation” awards for finishing their lives on welfare, food stamps or some other crutch our great tribe has deemed necessary for the survival of the weakest among us.
I feel for the homeless, I feel for the hungry, I feel for the least among us like any Christian should, but I cannot allow the penalizing of those who are successful. It makes no sense. 
Instead of penalizing the successful in our midst, how about we eliminate federal funding of colleges that inculcate the cancer of “we all get everything for free” philosophy. 
How about Warren/Sanders donate their salaries? They each get $174,000 per year. 
Literally millions of Americans don’t make that much after working for many years, but at least they are working and not asking for handouts. 
Ask anyone to pledge 10% to their church and 40% to the local socialist/communist/Democrat slush fund to redistribute. That leaves 50% to survive and plan their life and pay their bills.
Forget about vacations. Forget about 401k’s. Forget about starting a new business and definitely forget about sending your kids to a decent university that actually teaches subjects the world so desperately needs like STEM.
Welcome to the evil world of equal treatment for unequal performance. Joe Biden might mean well, but he will be co-opted and the lazy and stupid among us will reap the rewards of their ignorance and sloth.
Keep this in mind when the Commies take over thanks to inadvisable votes. 


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