Business networking?: … High importance

The headline is in green ink because the topic is about making money. Readers of this Wenatchee Business Journal for the last 35 years understand that. Always searching for clues, hints, seminars, online education and services, whatever it takes to keep one’s nose above water, especially in this, the weirdest time in economic history that anyone still living remembers.

Now comes the tried and true honorable idea of networking. This area is blessed with many groups of intrepid businessmen and women who aren’t afraid to gather in like-minded groups such as the noontime Wenatchee Network Group (Eagles Club on Wednesdays) or the BNI (Friday, 7 a.m. Smitty’s Pancake House).

These groups form powerful word of mouth and other contacts often ending in more revenue and a fatter Bottom Line.

The only reason not to network is if you don’t want to grow your business or just don’t like to be around other business leaders.

Having said all that, groups officially proclaiming their status as “networking groups or clubs” are not the only game in town when it comes to actual mutual business fellowship and reward.

The Rotary International organization has been a prime sponsor of cohesive business friendships and ideas for 115 years. I highly recommend talking to a member and requesting a visit to a local chapter’s meeting.

Because all of these organizations are aware of the actual workday, they keep their meetings to an hour. Many groups have beverages and food during that time besides speeches on specific topics, club projects and fellowship.

The Lions Club and Kiwanis are also 100+ years old and also provide many American (and worldwide) communities with great reasons to gather for the common good.

If you and your business are feeling stagnant or maybe you just need some fresh air and ideas, go to one of these groups and gain entrance. You’ll be glad you did.


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