Who is running for Governor?

Dr. Cairo D Almeida

Don L. Rivers

Gene Hart

Omari Tahir Garrett
With a little over 3 weeks before the primary election. It is unclear who is running. The deadline for filing was May 15. The Secretary of State’s office lists 37 candidates have filed although one has apparently dropped out as it has been lined out on the list. 
Most media are reporting that Jay Inslee is the only Democrat(ic) candidate running, but SOS lists 5 who listed Democrat(ic) Party as their preference. We are attempting to contact the other four Democrat(ic) candidates but one has no contact information other than a snail mail address. Here is what we have been able to discover through an Internet search:
Dr. Cairo D Almeida is President of Government Employees Local 1121. According to his website Dr. Almeida’s vision is, “Help the homeless get their basic needs met and provide the veterans and foster parents with more psychological support so they can exist and function within a society that does not understand how it feels to be different. Use the Affordable House Care Act (AHCA) to give the people an opportunity to recreate the middle class. Develop ways to improve the current infrastructure and put an end to the use of fossil fuel era. Support the use of new technology to create more jobs that takes into account women, LGBTQ, WOMXN, LatinX, people of color and other minorities. This vast and diverse society will help us achieve the green dream state for others to emulate. Eliminate all for profit jails and detention centers. Free bus pass to student that go to school at least part-time. Expand the light rail to every county and city that has 10,000 people or more. Put and end to the use of fossil fuel.
Omari Tahir Garrett is a long time Seattle Activist. He ran for Seattle City Council in 2015. He spent 21 months in prison for punching Seattle Mayor Paul Shell in the face with a megaphone in 2001. Among Garret’s causes over the years is he calls for returning all land taken from the native peoples by colonialists. He says the American gun culture must be eliminated and he says without justice there can be no peace.
Don L. Rivers has never held public office. His statement from his campaign website says, “I am here for you, the people. Never have I waited on an elected seat to be a voice for the people. Regardless of cultural beliefs or political point of views. I have worked with Republicans, Democrats and Independents on local and Federal Levels. I will be taking with me to Olympia, the 3 L's; Listen, Learn and Lead. Having the understanding that we have to work together and preserve our democracy. It has been an honor for me to serve across this world from Africa to Gaza Strip and beyond, as an Ambassador For Peace and Social Justice. I have over 40 years of  experience  working effectively across the aisle with elected officials. We Washingtonians have to recognize the world is watching us, we have set examples by embracing new beginnings. I will make sure that the voters in Eastern Washington know that their next Governor is working for them. It has always been necessary and compulsory for me to help the voiceless. Supplementary to giving a voice to all the people, my motivation to run for Governor is to break down practiced tribalism, while prioritizing the voice of the people in every county and in every city here at home.  We will work on resolving severe issues, reminding us, to find value in a effective Government. After all, the most significant words of the United States Constitution is.  "We The People".
Gene Hart has not held political office. He is a civil service employee and veteran from Bremerton. In his statement published in the Kitsap County voters pamphlet his statement is as follows: “Many activists and a state-sponsored working group are working on healthcare reform, here in Washington, our home. Coming to The People’s desk for signature first, as Washington State Governor, I would most likely sign that reform, given my sense of it, as the next step for healthcare as an unalienable right.
We need our Robust Economy, rural and urban, to pay for our programs. Before, it was only good, fair reduced taxes for The Great Majority, followed by education, our state’s Paramount Duty, as mandated by our Washington State Constitution and Target Zero transportation deaths and transportation major injuries before this decade’s end. Our pandemical tsunami has changed the lay of the land.
Now We all require that rural and urban Robust Economy and good, fair revenue, yes Fair Taxes, family wage jobs, thriving independent, employee-owned businesses et cetera. In my mind, it really is Full Mobilization, All Hands, Non-Profits, Profits and Government needed, urged, coached and inspired. As Governor, Washington our home, I will establish a Kitchen Cabinet concept in Office of the Governor to educate and move our People, our economy our society, Onward. We already have top quality, volunteers waiting in the wings.
This is our home. We want, We deserve more. Putting People First, Keeping People First. It short, I want the good, better and best angels of our nature, fully mobilized, not the ugly, worst and flawed earth angels of our nature. My apology for long-winded polemic, but you did press the on button and it worked.
The only limits to our realizations of tomorrows will be our doubts of todays. Let us move forward with strong and active faith. Adapted from FDR’s last undelivered Warm Springs address. For more info, access 
Realistically, none of these candidates stand a chance of defeating two term Governor, Jay Inslee, in the August 14 primary. But if you are a Democrat or even a Republican who cannot stomach voting for Inslee or President Trump these are some options you could select. 
There are sixteen candidates who declared to be Independents, minority party candidates or stated they had no party preference.  They also don’t stand a chance of getting elected and will most likely be eliminated in the August 4 primary. 
We will cover the 15 Republicans in the race next week and the other 16 candidates the week before the primary. 

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