Why the cloak ‘n’ dagger Schrier?

Last Monday, July 29, marked the second time (that I know of) newly elected Congresswoman Kim Schrier decided to keep her local events as eerily unannounced as possible, kind of like a Schrier Shell Game.
The first time was a few months ago when she met on a Saturday with a selected audience and Wenatchee Mayor Frank Kuntz in the city meeting room to announce her new area representative would be taking up quarters in an office within city hall. She also spent an hour taking questions from the obviously partisan pro-Kim audience. A great coup for Frank, but a disappointment for the news media, since some of us were never told about this event.
Who should have given out the press release well in advance? City Hall or Schrier’s staff? I guess both would have been a good thing, but neither did. I discovered it by accident through a friend who was told about by another friend the previous Friday night.
Then, the Schrier Shell Game struck again on Monday, July 29. Schrier went to visit kids in a Manson school for a summer lunch program, but the event notice came on a Friday afternoon. A typical political ploy when attention isn’t wanted. She also visited the Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce and the CVCH walk-in clinic in Chelan.
It has been said for many years that when Washington, D.C. politicians want to announce bad news, they wait until late on a Friday evening so as little press as possible can shed light on the issues.
Why has Schrier adopted this strategy, or has she? I think I’ll just blame her unwitting staff who thinks it is just fine that no local news at an event means no  articles or photos or pestering of the doctor turned liberal crusader can occur.
I’m also guessing that she knows this area of the state may be a bit too conservative for her tastes, another reason to avoid the press.
Luckily NCW Media, a family-owned community news organization, has a reporter in the Manson/Chelan area that works for our Lake Chelan Mirror branch.
Exactly what does Schrier gain by hiding her local visits? Nothing, unless she’s concealing something.
Let me take a wild guess. Her staff will now blame the school district or the Lake Chelan Chamber or CVCH for not sending out an earlier press release. Yes, that would have been great of all of them to do so, but maybe they were told not to?
Perhaps she needs to understand that conservative North Central Washington voters have as much right to visit Schrier’s events as her hand picked audiences do.
Our reporter on the ground in Chelan also said someone from Schrier’s staff was there shooting photos, but there was no other media present.
In conclusion, I believe this is an attempt by Schrier and her handlers to “control the news” by not being transparent with her itinerary and then, maybe, sending out a press release after the fact.
I guess I was thinking liberals always wanted as much attention as possible, but .....
Will this result in a future press release with hand-picked photos and comments?
Only the shadow knows, but he ain’t tellin’.

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