Lake Chelan Senior Men’s Golf Division

CHELAN - On Wednesday, April 10 at 9  a.m.  28 golfers in seven foursomes teed off at the Lake Chelan Municipal Golf Course. The golfers were joined by new member, Gordon Rice.

The weekly player game competition results are as follows:

Odd Holes Less Half the Player’s Handicap
1st Place – Phil Clausen (Score 36.5)
2nd Place – Cliff House
3rd Place – Mike Giffin (Tie for 3nd Place)
3rd Place – John Hancock (Tie for 3rd Place)
4rd Place – Ed Ferguson (Tie for 4th Place)
4th Place – Gary Searle (Tie for 4th Place)

Most Fairways Hit
1st Place – Darrell Simpson (11 Fairways)
2nd Place – Mike Storey
3rd Place – Mike Hewitt (Tie for 3rd Place)
3rd Place – Ron Carver (Tie for 3rd Place)

Second Shot Closest to the Pin on Hole #4
Stefan Dobratz (16’ 3”)
Second Shot Closest to the Pin on Hole #12
Ray Wilson 5’ 9”

Mega Par 3 Contest Closest to the Pin on Hole #11
Cliff House (19’ 8”)

The Club thanked Ellis Nierenburg for his work as the 2018 Season Chairman of the Mega Par 3 Competition and for assisting Ray Wilson the 2019 Season Chairman.  Ray Wilson was also recognized for volunteering to be the 2019 Photo Committee Chairman.

Dan Dedo, Don Mollet and George Nickle the Rules Committee Members reported they are researching if Senior Players can elect to pick-up their balls once the player reaches a maximum stroke count, without being disqualified.  This rule is being studied as a possible way to speedup play.

Jim Oscarson with the Lake Chelan Golf Course and Darrell Richards the Club’s vice-president addressed the Club Members prior to play regarding golf rules and club etiquette.  
For information about becoming a member of the Senior Men’s Golf Club contact Bob Matson at or (509) 888-1554.

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