The newest KaVe house in Chelan

Dominic DePhillips roasting coffee beans five years ago in the bbq grill.

CHELAN – The wait is over, KaVe Roasters and Bakery officially opened to the public in January after a year and a half of preparations.

KaVe brings a different coffee experience to the valley with their coffee boutique by incorporating the family’s Hungarian background into their pastries and passion for coffee.

In the early 80’s Eva Anderson’s parents purchased the property and “every family member had lived here for few years as we started filtering our way to Chelan,” said Eva. As a way to preserve the house, the family just went ahead and remodeled it, modernizing the space into a coffee shop.

Six years ago, Eva’s son, Dominic DePhillips started roasting coffee beans in the back yard’s barbecue grill. However, things got more serious about three years ago when they were able to get their commercial roaster.

“My dad was really getting into it and he liked the artisanal side and was really getting into the craft,” said Dominic. He describes the roasting process to be very detailed. Due to this Mick Anderson has been working hard to fine tune all roasting notes. According to Dominic, coffee has as many flavors as wine does, if not actually more.

Hungarian pastries are featured in KaVe’s menu, which are made from scratch and with organic flour in-house. The scone recipe is one of kind and so far they are selling very well, another favorite is the Zserboszelet.

Dominic is in charge of the coffee drinks. He’s currently working on profiling or refining the coffee shop and the machine. The machine used it’s a top of the line La Marzocca Strada. KaVe also curates unique and quality-focused products to go with their coffee creations. Chai and kid friendly options are also available.

Eva states, that some of the people who have stopped by KaVe have compared their coffee to others from Seattle. Some are even more impressed and have fallen in love with the fresh baked goods.

Winterfest celebrations allowed Eva, Mick and Dominic get a preview of what is coming for them during the summer months in town. It also gave them a chance to interact with community members and receive their feedback.

New items in the menu will arrive in the summer time, plus an outdoor seating area will be available for everyone to sit and relax. “We are also looking at hours going into the evening,” stated Eva.

For the family, “it is very important that the community feels really welcomed and for them to have a great experience.” However as Mick stated, “we are the ones feeling that the community brought something special to us.”

Stop by KaVe and enjoy their pastries with one of the many drinks they have to offer at 806 W. Manson Highway in Chelan. Follow them on Instagram under kaveroaster and on Facebook Kave Roaster & Bakery.

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