Sherman - 65th anniversary

Mazzell and Charles Sherman, then and now.

MANSON - Mazzell and Charles Sherman celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on Feb. 15. In 1954, Charles was based at Fort Carson Army Base in El Paso, Colorado. He went home to Valliant, Oklahoma for a 10 day leave to marry his hometown sweetheart before deploying to Uijeongbu near Seoul Korea.

After returning from Korea, Charles and Mazzell set their sites for Manson, Wash. where the apple industry was starting to flourish. Working for various apple growers here in the valley, they purchased their own orchard in 1972 and have been farming apples ever since. They both have a deep connection to our beautiful valley and reminisce about how much it has changed since coming here over 60 years ago.

They have a son (Michael), born in 1959 and a daughter (Regenia) born in 1965. Charles and Mazzell are also proud grandparents of two, and great-grandparents of four.

Both having witty personalities, claiming it's a “miracle” they've been together this long, truly cherish their family and friends. Both loving to laugh and enjoying sharing their many stories of how far they've come together.


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