Stalking cougar has new home

Stalking cougar, a bronze sculpture by Shannon Fharnham has a new home in the planting area near Swim World.  With all the construction in downtown Chelan, the cougar had to be moved, which was good timing because this summer will bring a new sculpture that will go in its place. Huckleberry Daze, a bronze sculpture by Jerry Mckellar will soon arrive at that planting at the entry into town. Also arriving in May will be a 6 foot metal guitar at the crosswalk planting across from Kelly’s Hardware. The Lake Chelan Arts Council has added about 15 sculptures to the Chelan valley. Most recently, including these two new additions,  the bronze kids at the Chelan Public Library and the cellist at Emerson and Woodin, The City of Chelan has partnered with the Arts Council with an arts fund. For each new piece, the City of Chelan matches the funds provided by the Arts Council. The Arts Council appreciates this aid from the city.  Coming up on June 22-23 will be the Lake Chelan Arts Festival in Riverwalk Park,  which over its nine years, has funded the outdoor gallery and other art endeavors with its profits.

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