2022 NCW 1B All-League Selections

1st Team Offense

Co-Offensive Players of the Year – Landon Crutcher, QB, Entiat
Abe Diaz, RB, Waterville
Landon Crutcher – QB (Entiat)
Abe Diaz – RB (Waterville)
Pedro Arias – RB (Entiat)
Christian Santos – WR (Entiat)
Noah Fogelstrom – WR (Entiat)
Tyrell Tonseth – TE (Bridgeport)
Marshall Mires – TE (Waterville)
Braedyn Brumback – OL (Entiat)
James Smith – OL (Waterville)
Ofer Gutierrez – OL (Bridgeport)
Jesse Morales – OL (Soap Lake)
Preston Mullanax – ATH (Waterville)

Honorable Mention:
Isaiah Brumback – OL (Entiat)
Monico Valadez-Robinson – WR/TE (Entiat)

1st Team Defense

Co-Defensive Players of the Year – Tyrell Tonseth, DE/LB, Bridgeport
Preston Mullanax, DB, Waterville
Tyrell Tonseth – DL (Bridgeport)
Braedyn Brumback – DL (Entiat)
Monico Valadez-Robinson – DL (Entiat)
Marshall Mires – DL (Waterville)
Armando Baltazar – DL (Waterville)
Landon Crutcher – LB (Entiat)
Pedro Arias – LB (Entiat)
Trevor Moore – LB (Waterville)
Caleb Weaver – LB (Soap Lake)
Preston Mullanax – DB (Waterville)
Noah Fogelstrom – DB (Entiat)
Brandon Garcia – DB (Bridgeport)

Honorable Mention:
Isaiah Brumback – DL (Entiat)
Christian Santos – DB (Entiat)

2022 Coach of the Year – Brian Bailey (Entiat)


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