Chelan High School Girls’ Basketball - January 4 and 8

Cashmere player Zoe Brown and Chelan player Joslynn Simmons wrestle for the ball. Megan Sokol/LCM

Chelan player Kira Sandoval. Megan Sokol/LCM

Megan Sokol/LCM

Megan Sokol/LCM

Megan Sokol/LCM
Chelan varsity girls vs Cashmere
January 4
The Chelan Mountain Goats traveled down to Cashmere tonight to resume the second round of CTL play. The Goats were without 2 players who are on the Covid list. Cashmere was also missing 2 starters, also on the Covid list. The game started out offensively slow for both the Goats and the Bulldogs and ended with a 10-7 lead in favor of the Bulldogs. 
The second quarter was dominated by the Bulldogs who’s 12 of their 22 points were from beyond the perimeter giving a halftime score of 32-16 again in favor of the Bulldogs. The Goats came in strong defensively in the second half and held the Bulldogs to 13 in the 3rd quarter and offensively scored 10. 
With a 3rd quarter score of 45-26 the Goats had a hole to dig out of. Fatigue set in however and the Bulldogs out scored the Goats 23-2 in the 4th quarter. 
The final score, 67-28 Bulldogs. 
“Despite the lopsided score I was really proud of how our girls came out and fought until the end while fighting through fatigue despite missing two of our players tonight.” 
Kira Sandoval led all Chelan score with 8 while Morgyn Harrison, Beau Nordby, Joslynn Simmons and Jailyn Reinhart each had 5. The Goats play Friday night at home agains the Quincy Jackrabbits. Chelan girls vs Quincy
January 7
The Quincy Jackrabbits traveled to Chelan on Friday night to face off against the Chelan Mountain Goats. This was the 2nd meeting of the year for the two teams in which the 1st meeting proved Chelan to be the victors by a 16 point margin. With 2 key players on the covid roster for the Goats the endurance of the team was one of the top obstacles to overcome. 
“We have a short roster to begin with so our substitutions had to be strategic,” Coach Nick Longmire commented. 
The Goats made strategy adjustments from Tuesday night’s sizable loss to Cashmere by deciding to move forward with their 3/4 court pressure. Offensively the Goats were able to score out of transition points caused from forced turnovers and rushed shots by Quincy. 
At the end of the 1st quarter the Goats had a 19-2 lead. By halftime the Goats extended the lead to 20 with a score of 28-8. “The second half was the concern for me because I knew this is where exhaustion would set in. By jumping out to an early lead it took the pressure off and allowed us to save our timeouts for the second half. Our bench was also key. We had two swing players who each had one quarter available and both were instrumental in giving us what we needed to play strong all the way through the game,” Coach Longmire added. 
The Goats added an additional 19 points in the 3rd quarter offensively and held the Jackrabbits to 6 making the score 47-14. In the 4th quarter the Goats worked on time management and maintaining possession taking shots with less than 5 seconds on the shot clock. The final score of the game was 62-23 in favor of Chelan. 
All scores were led by Joslynn Simmons with a career high 26 points including eight, 3-point field goals. Kira Sandoval added 22 points. Beau Nordby had 6. Morgyn Harrison and Ella Gzyl each added 4. 
Chelan girls varsity vs Tonasket
January 8
Chelan Mountain Goats travel to Tonasket for a Saturday afternoon game to face the Tigers in a non-league contest. Tonasket proved to be a very competitive game for the Mountain Goats in which came down to a nailbiter. With the Mountain Goats still missing two players on the Covid roster every last ounce of energy was left on the court. 
Right off the bat the battle for rebounds was a factor in the game. Tonasket, an extremely scrappy team, dominated the Goats on the glass. This caused the Goats to start getting into foul trouble due to all of the second chance opportunities. At the end of the first quarter the Tigers led 15-11. 
With no subs available for two of the four quarters, Chelan was already showing signs of fatigue. At halftime the Goats found themselves down by two points with a score of 23-21.
The Goats dug deep in the second half and only allowing 10 points but contributing 6 offensively. Going into the fourth quarter the Tigers led 33-27. The Goats dug deep in the 4th quarter scoring 17 points and holding Tonasket to 9. 
“I was so proud of our girls with how they responded in the second half,” said Coach Nick Longmire of Chelan. “After a sub par start to the game the girls raised their level of play and simply willed our team across the finish line as the victors.” The final score of the game was 44-42 Chelan. 
Kira Sandoval led all Chelan scores with 17. Beau Nordby had a season high 13. Morgyn Harrison had 7. Hailey Helm added 3 and Joslynn Simmons and Jailyn Reinhart had 2 each.
The 8-5 Mountain Goats faced Cascade on the road Tuesday, January 11.

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