Goats host first and only track meet of the season

Ava Dickes was one of the only girls to compete in the high jump event at the Chelan Track Invite on Tuesday, April 18, and won after successfully jumping over the 5’ mark.

Donny Watson clears the bar with ease, but unfortunately clips the bar with the back of his feet knocking it over. The whole event was quite remarkable to watch when you consider Watson is jumping over a bar that is as tall if not an inch or two taller than himself.

Junior Lupe Galvan slows down and hands off the baton to freshman Molly Oswald in the girls 4x100 relay. Chelan would go on to win the event in both heats.

Junior Braden Williams starting his run during the pole vault event.

Sophomore Antonio Cazarez takes off on one of his running long jump attempts.

Junior Esme Vera (left) was one of the few girls competing in the running long jump for Chelan.

Junior Alex Nelson grits his teeth and shows perfect form during the running long jump event.

Cazarez sends the sand flying out of the pit after completing his first attempt at the running long jump. This event seemed to be the most popular as Chelan has more than a few boys and girls competing in the event.

Sterling Gordon-Fournier grunts as he launches his javelin clear out of the event area to win the javelin competition. Gordon-Fournier competed in the running long jump as well after winning javelin.

Gordon-Fournier shows perfect form during one of his attempts at the running long jump event.

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