Goats lose a tough one in Battle for the Shoe

Bill Forhan/LCM Defensive Back Jahir Garduno prepares to shut down Bulldog running back. The Mountain Goats were able to shutdown the powerful running attack of the Cashmere Bulldogs.

Quin McClaren prepares to receive a pass from Quarterback Reed Stamps in the second half. The pass was blocked at the last second by Bulldog Sam Phillips.
CASHMERE - The Chelan Mountain Goats fell to the Cashmere Bulldogs in the historic battle for the Bronze Shoe 15-7. The Mountain Goats mounted a strong defense to Cashmere’s powerful running attack. The bulldogs scored first in the second quarter off a pass and decided to go for 2. It looked like the half would end 8 – 0, but the Mountain Goats advanced the ball to the 4 yard line with 4.4 seconds left on the clock. Quarterback Reed Stamps tossed a pass into the endzone as time ran out. The pass was incomplete, but the Bulldogs were flagged for interference. One more play from the 1 ½ yard line and the Mountain Goats knocked it across leaving the score at 8-7 to end the half. Neither team was able to move the ball very effectively in the second half. Cashmere finally picked up a fumble in the 4th quarter and ran it in for their second score. Penalties and turnovers plagued the Mountain Goats in the second half keeping them from mounting an answer to the Bulldogs. 
Official team statistics were not available at press time. 

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