Lady Trojans defeated

Pitcher Josephine Thompson hustles to get the ball after the Liberty Bell player connects with her bat.

MANSON - The Lady Trojan Softball Team hosted Liberty Bell on Thursday, April 25th, for a weekday double header and lost both games.

Game 1: Manson 3-Liberty Bell 21
The starting pitcher was Sophomore Alexis Stotko- who struck out 3 and walked 7.

Senior Devyn Smith was Catcher.

The score is reflective of some huge hits by the Mt. Lions, and does not take away from the great effort and plays on part of the Trojans.

Freshman Short Stop, Josephine Thompson, had a stellar game, defensively- with her hands in 6 Trojan outs.

Sophomore Melanie Marin had 2 caught fly balls in short center field and Senior Salena Joiner made a great catch on a hard hit ball to left field in the 5th inning.

The Trojans played all together tight defense with limited errors on the game, and great plays all around including 2nd baseman, Paige Schoenwald, 1st baseman, Megan Clausen, 3rd baseman, Perla Villasenor and Catcher, Devyn Smith.

Offensively, it was Megan Clausen who stole the show with a 3-run home run in the 1st inning. Those were the only Trojan runs in game 1- scored by Clausen, Melanie Marin and Josephine Thompson.

The Trojans ended the game with 5 hits: Megan Clausen (HR), Melanie Marin (1), Alexis Stotko (1), Devyn Smith (1) and Josephine Thompson (1).

In Game 2: Manson 4 - Liberty Bell 8

The starting pitcher was Freshman, Josephine Thompson, who struck out 3, walked 5 and gave up just 5 hits.

Senior, Devyn Smith was Catcher.

The Trojans were able to limit the Mt Lion’s hits in game 2, and put together some impressive defensive plays.

Pitcher, Josephine Thompson made two heads up catches on hard hit line drives and turned both into double plays with a throw to get the runners out.

Catcher Devyn Smith made a perfect throw to earn an out on a runner attempting to steal 2nd in the 4th inning and Alondra Chavez and Raven Pope both had great catches on hard hit balls to the outfield.

Offensively, the Trojans ended with 5 hits: Josephine Thompson (2), Paige Schoenwald (1), Megan Clausen (1), Devyn Smith (1) and Salena Joiner (1).

Overall, it was a great showing for the Manson team as a whole- despite some big hitting by Liberty Bell in game 1. The girls focused on exactly what the coaches asked and played well as a team!

Thursday’s games puts the the Trojan’s season record at 5-6.

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