Manson High School Girls’ Basketball - Jan. 11, 14

Manson vs. Okanogan
January 11
Recap: The Lady Trojans hosted #1 ranked Okanogan in league action Tuesday night.  The Bulldogs from Okanogan were as impressive as advertised as they pressed their way to a 71- 9 victory over the host Trojans.  The Trojans, who were without 2 starting guards, lost sophomore starter and defensive stalwart Natalee Reyna to a twisted knee.  
“We got after it early and blew right through their press.  We were a little indecisive in the 2nd half against their zone... and we adjusted well.  Okanogan can flat play!  Our seniors were outstanding and we got great help from our Freshmen and 8th graders.  We really missed our 3 guards and can’t wait to get them back,” said Manson Head Coach Steve Nygreen.  
The Lady Trojans return to league action Friday as they host rival Brewster.
MLTBB: Sr. Maycee Ward , Sr. Lauren Soliday, Sr. Katie Gosvener, So. Natalee Reyna, Fr. Genesis Torres DNP, Fr. Lydia Petersen DNP, Fr. Camille Hutton 1, Fr. Afton Torgesen, Fr. Brynn Williams, Jr. Jenny Juarez 1, 8th Gr. Phinley Teague 4, 8th Gr. Isabella Wisdom 3
Okanogan: L. Jones 13, A. Jones 5, M. LeitzRawson 6, S. Sparks 7,  P. LeitzRawson, L. Lafferty 9, D. Sparks 18,  A. Lafferty 6, Goetz 1, Meyer 4
Manson v. Brewster
January 14
Recap: The Lady Trojans hosted Brewster Friday night in a league matchup featuring 2 short-handed teams.  In a low scoring defensive affair, Manson struggled to hit shots and ultimately Brewster prevailed 39 - 17.
“Brewster was tall, physical and really challenged us on the boards.  Defensively, we played well... very aggressive with great communication.  We need to improve our timing offensively to begin scoring more consistently,” said Head Coach Steve Nygreen
Manson - Sr. M. Ward 2, 8th P. Teague, Sr. Lauren Soliday 4, Sr. K. Gosvenor 2, Jr. Jenny Juarez, Fr. Afton Torgesen, Fr. Lydia Petersen 5, Fr. Camille Hutton, Fr. Brynn Williams 4, So. Natalee Reyna - DNP-IR, Fr. Genesis Torres - DNP - IR, 8th Isa Wisdom - DNP
Brewster - Kelly 2, McGuire 12, Pamate 2, Gamble 2, Boesel 9, Ashworth 2, Perez 2, Hurtado 8
Manson returned to action on January 18 as 1A Quincy visits from the CTL.

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