Manson High School Varsity Cross Country

Annette Quarre on Manson’s 2021 Season

Team Members: Boys: Johan Cruz Jordan Castro Gabe Sivertson Alexis Villasenor Van Keough Nikolai Sanchez Oashan Sanchez Girls: Maddie Larsen Ella England Trinada Caro/LCM

MANSON – Returning Trojans this year are: Jordan Castro (sophomore), Johan Cruz (sophomore), Alexis Villasenor (sophomore), Gabe Sivertson (sophomore), Oashan Sanchez (sophomore) Ella England (sophomore) and Nikolai Sanchez (Junior). There are no new runners this year as Van Keough-Michaels and Maddie Larsen are freshman athletes who ran as middle schoolers.

This year’s numbers are slightly down from last year but last season the Lady Trojans were League Champions and the Trojans were competitive.
When asked which would be the toughest team in Coach Quarre’s opinion she stated, “The team to beat would be Liberty Bell.”
Coach Annette has a few standouts this year to include: Ella England which is “the only girl runner holding it down!” Nikolai Sanchez “who has taken minutes off of his 5k time and Gabe Sivertson who is our captain.” “We are building a strong team and all athletes have improved their times drastically throughout the season. We are so happy to be back in the fall (instead of winter) and be running a full season competitively.”
The Trojan’s schedule is found on, Cross Country -> High School -> Washington State -> 2B-> Manson.


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