North Cascades holds gun shoot contests

Results of the 100 yard 200 yard and second 200 yard VFS. The 300 yard shoot was moved to a second 200 yard shoot because of to much snow and ice at the 300 yard line. The next shoot is on April 1. Names left to right back row: SAM SMALL 3rd in 1st 200yd 2nd in the no.2 200yd, BILL SMALL 2nd in 1st 200yd, JEFF KLAPSTEIN, CHRIS WILDER, WALLY JUNEAU, DAN WINSHIP 2ND IN 100YD 1ST IN NO.2 200yard Front row LEFT TO RIGHT: TOM PEYTON 1st in 100yd, 1st in 1st 200yd, GLEN SAMPSON, HANNAH CRIPE, DAN ZACCANTI 3RD no. 2 200yd and DENNIS TOLLIVER.

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