$550,000 wow!


It would appear to me that if the Manson School District has $550,000 to spend on a partnership with the Manson Parks Department to purchase the Leffler property, the district is collecting way to much money from the property owner’s within the district. You can bet the district did not deplete their account in order to do this.

I personally am on a fixed income, and paying my Property Tax Liability does increase every year along with everything else. However my fixed income does not even come close to keeping up with the outgoing. The amount of taxes I pay just to the State, and Local school’s is over one half of my total Tax Liability each year, and has been for quite awhile.

I would suggest that the voter’s within the Manson School District take a good hard look, and put a lot of thought into the way they vote the next time the school district puts forth a Bond or a Levy for us to vote on.



Brian Strausbaugh

Manson property owner

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